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  1. 1.15 thats pretty damn good isnt it.

    i know its better than most super cars.

    think about this.

    * GoKarts do around 2-3
    * Formula 1 do around 4-6

    imagine how hard it would be to drive with forces like that. no wonder they're the fittest people on the earth.
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    dude GoCarts dont go far over 1g
    and F1 cars cant go not over 5, but JUST AT TOPSPEED
    at 100kph it does not more than 1.5 - 2g

    same for this Koenigsegg, you dont know at which speed it gets such g-forces
    on the traditional skipad the F40 and Porsche 959 reach .87g, the McLaren F1 .86g, and nearly no car does over 1g there

    what matters is the spoiler, which increases downforce squarely with the speed increase<!-- Signature -->
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    5 G ??


    An aerobatic trainig airplane like the Cap 10 can take a maximum of +6/-4.5G

    No way a F1 can take 5G .2G in the fastest curbs like in Spa or Monza , but never 5.
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    Go-karts can indeed pull over 2G. Formula 1 can also peak at about 5G on some corners. Not only that, in 1997 Villeneuve braked at 5.99G in his Williams. By the way, where did you hear 1.15G from? That¡¦s ridiculous to say the least. Even if it could, the suspension would be so firm that you would run the risk of knocking your own teeth out if you drove it on the street.<!-- Signature -->
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    There is a diff between the G's on the skidpad and the G's expirienced on F1 racers. I'm sure the racers do not get 5 G on the skidpad. They do that because on some corners they have the room to drift. On the skidpad, they do not. I'll bet the F1's are between 1 and 2 on the pad. But yeah, their drivers can exp much more than that at the track, more speed there. Thats the same level of G forces that top fuel guys feel, like 3-4 G<!-- Signature -->
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    Even though this is a great car, I truly doubt that it can do 1.15 on a skidpad, somebody must have made an error there.<!-- Signature -->
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    Why do you doubt that. Its not like it can't be done. If your going to question something why don't you go out and prove one side or another. Why does everybody on this site try to find something wrong about the cars. Just enjoy the fact that there is a site that has all of this information.
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    to mclaren777

    you said "where did u get that info from" talking about 1.15G.
    why dont you go and click on the pic up the top of this page where it will take you to all the stats and you will see it there down the bottom where it always is.

    also those different sports like gokartas and f1 and such where i posted the number of G's. that is what i have heard from comentators. i cannot back it up officially, however some people have already seconded my claims so i cant be too wrong.

    as for experiencing these g's on tracks or a skid pad, i dont know.
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    Actually there is a difference between G's held on a skidpad and in some other situation. On a skidpad, the car is required to start accelerating in the skidpad, which means it can't hit as high of a speed. When driving on a course, it could be going down a strait at 200 (hypothetically speaking), and then start a turn. Though it would be insane to go into a corner at that speed, the combination of breaking and turning at that velocity creates a lateral G force far greater than if you were merely going around a small circle as fast as you could. For example, in some issues of Road and Track in the past test specifications, it has a racing Porsche that was over 2 G's, I believe, but there was a note on it that said it was only because they could only test the G forces on a course for extenuating circumstances. Every other car was tested on a skidpad of the same radius, and their stats varied very little. I do believe that the 1.15 of the Koenigsegg was achieved on a skidpad, though.<!-- Signature -->
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    the zo6 pulls 1.0 g on the skidpad stock.(actuallly .99) I belive this car can pull 1.15
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    Another reason why the CC is the king of all Supercars!!! :]<!-- Signature -->
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    I believe this car can do 1.15gs on the skidpad, it has an F1 style suspension with inboard coilovers and pushrods. Top fuel dragsters can get up to 6g's accelerative. Also someone said that Villeneuve saw 5.99 under braking? that's different, those are decelerative g's very different than Lateral g's.
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    It's rather simple to make a car coner better, with out stiffening the suspension.
    If you look close at the CC, you'll notice that the car is very low to the ground, this means that the cars center of gravity is lower to the ground, and this allows the car to grip tighter in the corners.
    And you also have to take in to account, the off set of the camber of the wheels. When a car goes into the corners, the wheels give into a flexing condition, brought on by the suspension, this reduces the contact pad that the tires have with the road, and less rubber, means less grip. And of course, camber is measured in degrees, a negative degree means that the tire has more contact when it corners, in other words, it's tilted inwards, so that it contacts more in the corners.
    And lets not forget the rubber itself. The tires are of the low profile variety, witch means, that the tires give less in the corners, but don't absorb bumps, so that's probably the part that makes the ride rough.
    And it's weight is a factor, the less weight that you can get closer to the groun, the better, which means there is less weight moving to the side when you take a corner.
    So being able to pull off 1.15 G's, shouldn't be to hard actually, given what you've just taken into account
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    What's there to doubt about? I can see thaat a LOT of people in this forum don't even know what they're talking about...

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