Latest addition to the family: E38 BMW

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Chris V, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. 1998 BMW 740iL. Bought it off of Ebay for $7500. Absolutely beautiful condition with a like new interior. A bit of sandblasting to the nose, headlights and windshield from having been from Maine from new until 2004. Already replaced the windsheild ($225) and got the headlight covers this past week.

    Had to pay for the car without having even looked at it yet other than in pictures (and I had the dealership it was at send me a lot of pictures), so I was a bit apprehensive when I went up to Connecticut to pick it up (6+ hours from where I live here in Baltimore). But, after 500 miles that I've put on it, it's proving to be a strong, solid, excellent purchase. None of the normal problem areas for these cars are with the exception of some dead pixels on the display, which I can handle. I'm going to do some preventative maintenance on it, as it has 147k highway miles on it, but mostly, I'll just be doing cosmetic upgrades. it doesn't have to be faster or more like a sports car than it is. It's VERY comfortable for long drives and for commuting in. Next mod is putting on the 18" M Parallel wheels come spring time (like in the last picture)
  2. very nice, always wanted one of those.

    enjoy it <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  3. 7500$ You must be shitting me !

    I hope that the new wheels won't diminue the overall confort of the car.

    Your a lucky man.
  4. He could presumably have got a 750 even cheaper; noone buys V12 BMWs.
  5. Gorgeous!!
  6. I've just seen a 850 with no plates 400m away from my house. I am going to steal it !
  7. Actually, the cheapest 750s of the same era are almost double the price I paid, though I did find a high mileage one that had some dents in it for $11k. It was also a '96 instead of the '98 I bought.
  8. +1 Mr Vetters.
  9. There is a reason, higher maintenance costs...
  10. Very nice car. My friend owns a silver 740iL and it is excellent.
  11. Everyone gets those wheels on their 7s. You should get something different.
  12. +1. Awesome car. Although the E38 with the updated headlights is the best 7-series ever made. I wonder if you can conver the lights to the newer more pissed off-looking style?
  13. he should get those wheels too, those are sweet
  14. Some clears in the front with the eyebrows on the bottom + updated crystal clears in the back will really clean the car up. M parallels are really nice, but very common. I like the OEM 20"s BMW sells.
  15. Great car, though not cheap to maintain (why my dad is selling his)

    The best looking ones are the 2001 740iL with sport package, but the previous gen ones are awesome too. BMW dropped the ball when they made the 7-series ugly.
  16. Back when 7-series looked good, good buy, Chris.
  17. BMWs were so awesome w/o iDrive.
  18. Sweet car, congratulations
  19. an alpina 740 lives in my neighbouirhood.
    alpina wheels look great on it
  20. A rich guy on my street has a 740il in green, with AC Schnitzer tuning, which looks pretty bad, but it should go pretty well. Another guy not far from here has a dark red 850i which looks very very awesome. I've also seen a silver 850i around here, doesn't look as good as the other one, as it's bodykitted, but still a very cool car.
  21. My father has a E38 750iL. It rides like a dream, and is still pretty fast and torquey, even after 10 years. I'm trying to convince him to opt for an E60 M5 though, but all of a sudden he falls in love with an S65 AMG...
  22. I'm not a fan of M wheels on the 7. I like the facelifted 7 stock apart from some Alpina wheels.

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