Lauda calls on FIA to act against Hamilton

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    Lauda calls on FIA to act against Hamilton

    ESPNF1 Staff
    June 13, 2011

    Former triple world champion Niki Lauda has called on the FIA to take action against Lewis Hamilton , warning if he is allowed to carry on unchecked then someone could get badly hurt or even killed.

    Hamilton's race in Canada may have only lasted seven laps, but in that time he managed to send Mark Webber spinning on the first corner and then collided with team-mate Jenson Button, ending his own race. All this came a fortnight after Hamilton was hit with two drive-through penalties in Monaco for incidents there.

    "What Hamilton did there goes beyond all boundaries," Lauda, who was commentating on the race for German TV, said. "He is completely mad. If the FIA does not punish him, I do not understand the world any more. At some point there has to be an end to all the jokes. You cannot drive like this … as it will result in someone getting killed."

    Lauda's comments came hours after another former champion, Emerson Fittipaldi, cautioned Hamilton that he had to control his natural aggression.

    "I think Lewis is an exceptional talent, a world champion, but sometimes he is too aggressive when he tries to overtake," Fittipaldi said. "It was like that in Monaco with Felipe [Massa], placing half of the car in the sidewalk and putting Felipe in a difficult position, at least.

    "I think there has to be a limit for being aggressive, respecting the others and still being competitive. You can be competitive, but you have to respect the others."
  2. Agreed 100%; still it's not Lauda's task to point this out. It's pretty obvious Hamilton has been driving like a stuck up selfish jerk.
  3. Punishing him would be wrong, they should just tell him that he's driving like a dick at the moment.

    I think he's starting to crack. He hasn't really been in the position of being the fastest car/driver combo on track for a while and is getting frustrated. He probably believes the hype about his overtaking ability a bit and is being reckless as a result.
  4. Lauda should #$%# off
  5. Can we just get the A1-ring back so he would shut the hell up for once
  6. I'm feeling the same way about Hamilton as I did about Alonso when he was being such a twat. Thankfully Alonso improved; hope Hamilton will do the same.
  7. Came in to post just that.
  8. You can talk about Hamilton all you want, he is still the only driver that makes me jump off my couch and entertains me.
  9. button was boring as #$%# yesterday
  11. Actually he should be in a saferoom lemonpartying with jackie stewart
  12. seriously niki lauda needs to shut the #$%# up
  13. Agreed on the STFU... let Hamilton sort it out for himself. If he keeps getting into incidents, it will cost himself in the championship over time, and he'll learn his lesson the natural way.

    In the mean time, just enjoy his aggressive racing which is great to watch. He's probably my favourite driver at the moment.
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    he's just bitter about having been lewis' cabbie haha
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    Lol, funny vid. Lauda is still bitter about '76
  16. lauda, jackie stewart and bernie
  17. lol ewww

  18. And Button arguably drove his best race ever in Canada this year and was seriously a fantastic finish. But thinking Button is a more aggressive and entertaining driver than Hamilton is ridiculous. The overtakes hamilton pulled in Monaco and other races this year as well in the past few years have been by far better than anything Button has pulled. In fact, when it come to overtaking, Button needs to be more aggressive and go for it. There are a huge number of incidents when Button is stuck behind a driver and could push harder and overtake, but instead he just sits back and takes the points (which isnt necessarly a bad thing when it comes conserving points, but then again you should always push to achieve the best possible finish).

    so as far as overtaking and entertainment goes, Hamilton is the winner in my book.
  19. Since when is pushing other people of the track and not finishing the race because you're too aggressive better than finishing the race with a good result?

    Hamilton's aggressiveness has given him nothing the last 2 races.
  20. Hamilton would have most likely beaten Button in this race too if Button hadn't put him in the wall. He was miles quicker than Button... and he pretty much has been way faster the whole season.

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