Le Mans Prototype Ferrari (render)

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Porsche addict, Jun 8, 2010.

  2. With some minor changes to the front it's #$%#ing amazing.
  3. Yep. It is wrong, but gives me a chubby.
  4. And that is #$%#ing amazing. No way Ferrari would use those styling cues though.
  5. If it had 4 round tail lamps the rear half would be perfect. The front doesn't need too much work either, other than some cleaning up to make it a bit less busy.

    I have been wondering if it was even possible to design a beautiful MODERN Ferrari which would actually look like a real Ferrari. Those renders give me hope. Too bad Ferraris own designers (Pininfarina?) are struggling.
  6. It actually looks more like an Aston Martin.
  7. too much front overhang
  8. I feel the same way. It's like being attracted to a creature.
  9. Saw that this morning.... Got a good nut in.
  10. It does have similiar proportions to new Astons, I agree with you on that but if you want to make a good looking FR-layout car, you kinda need to take a leaf out of Astons' book because their proportions are absolutely faultless (IMO at least). The basic shapes pioneered by Ian Callum with the DB7 and the Vanquish are simply in fashion today (yes, I know they are quite old designs but that just underlines Callums' ingeniousness). Just think how many new, good looking front-engined cars and concept cars have been called Aston Martinish? The list is long.
  11. Agreed on the 612gto part.
  12. the first thing posted is badass, imagine it going around a track, the 612 is even better, love it.
  13. Im more interested in that mid engined P4-5 looking thing.
  14. I actually didn't even notice it before. Looks very interesting. F70??
  15. Its more like a American Italian
  16. 612 thingy is sex.
  18. I so want to #$%# this.
  19. Agreed.
  20. Nice looking design and very and well rounded.
  21. I hope that thing has sonar or something so the driver can see where he's going.
  23. That looks awesome!
  24. Still think Porsche should quit being scared and enter LMP1.
  25. Its not about being scared, its because audi is already in it. I would love to see a closed porsche prototype too.

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