Leaked Porsche 911 GT2 brochure

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  2. Doesn't do much for me style wise. I expected something more aggressive.
  3. The 996 GT2 is my favorite Porsche to date. This might dethrone that.
  4. Disappointment by design. Then again, its 997, so I can't exactly say I'm shellshocked.
  5. gt3 wheels, turb front...bigmeh
  6. I could care less about the design, 0-60 in 3.6 sec and a top speed of 204mph is #$%#ing awesome.
  7. still looks #$%#ing badass
  8. The GT3 RS model is best looking 997.
  9. This is incredible. I love this car.
  10. I need to see it in silver.
  11. i'm quite certain thats the second most beautiful Porsche ever.
  12. I saw one a month or so ago, black with orange highlights. Holyshit it was badass.
  13. I'm in love. Give me one in black pleeees.
  14. lol if this is all true 505 lbs at low end with 3100lbs curb weight is like .... .AMAZING
  15. It looks great but Porsche really confusese me how they go on styling the different versions of the 997.
  17. F430LP don't fail me now
  19. sweet jesus yes.
  20. sounds very promising:

    530 PS / 1440 kg = 386 PS/ton
  21. *537.4 PS

    pretty sure thats US hp
  22. doesn't impress me design-wise. but this is giong to be a real beast, considering that it's so light and has all that amount of torque. I think it will very, very difficult for the F430CS (or whatever it will be called)
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    Brochure shots of the ultimate road-going '997'-generation Porsche 911 have leaked out onto the internet, and Autocar is pleased to be able to bring you all the pictures, and the juiciest details.

    The new Porsche 911 GT2 wasn’t supposed to see the light of day for another nine weeks, when it’ll be shown at Germany’s Frankfurt motor show. However, it looks like some enterprising Porsche employee had other ideas.

    These brochure scans appeared on an American blog ‘site last night, and they betray almost every last technical detail about the new mega-Porsche, and show it from every conceivable angle. Check out our gallery for the full effect.

    The headline figures

    Just as its forebears did, Porsche’s new 997 GT2 will sit on the very highest rung of the current 911 model line-up; it’s faster and more powerful than both the 911 Turbo, the 911 GT3 and the GT3 RS, it’ll be more expensive, more exclusive – the supreme 911 for performance fanatics.

    Powered by an overhauled version of Stuttgart’s twin-turbocharged 3.6-litre flat six, the GT2 packs 523bhp at 6500rpm (a whole 50bhp more than the Turbo) and 505lb ft of torque available from 2200rpm.

    Porsche quotes the GT2’s kerbweight at 1440kg; that would make it 145kg lighter than the 911 Turbo we weighed as part of our road test last year, and would give it a power-to-weight ratio of 363bhp per tonne; the Turbo musters just 299.

    Performance should be almost peerless. Again according to Porsche, the new GT2 should scramble to 60mph in just 3.6sec, on to 100mph in just 7.4sec, and will have a top speed of 204mph. That would make it as fast to 60mph as the Turbo despite having only rear-wheel drive, as well as a full 0.6sec faster to 100mph. And that’s only according to Porsche’s figures, which have always been conservative to say the least.

    The most powerful 911 road car ever

    At the heart of the new 911 GT2 is an even fiercer version of Porsche’s twin-turbo flat six engine, which has been given several mechanical upgrades for service in the car.

    It features the 911 Turbo’s variable geometry turbos, which optimise gas flow through to the turbo and maximise power, torque and engine response.

    However, it’s also got something Porsche calls an expansion intake manifold. Conventional turbocharged engines feature intake manifolds that feed hot, compressed air into the cylinders; this one has an intake manifold designed to feed expanding, colder air into the engine.

    Porsche compensates for the lack of compression this brings about by increasing the engine’s turbo boost levels; the GT3 runs an extra 2.9psi of it compared with the standard Turbo. And the result is better ignition, more power, more torque, and even greater efficiency.

    At the other end of the new GT2’s engine you’ll find a new, all-titanium exhaust system which is lighter than the Turbo’s, creates less back pressure, and should give the car a unique exhaust note.

    Other technical and mechanical highlights:

    The new 911 GT2 will be the first 911 road car ever to feature launch control. To operate it you simply press a button, dip the clutch, engage first gear, dial up 13psi of boost using the throttle, and then sidestep the clutch. Sounds like a recipe for an expensive repair, we know, but the GT2 will automatically tune the fuel injection, turbo boost and traction control to optimise your takeoff.

    The car will come with 19in alloy wheels, an adaptable PASM chassis that you can tweak for ride height, camber, toe angle and anti-roll bar setting, two-stage switchable PSM stability and traction control, Porsche PCCB ceramic brakes, sports bucket seats, and a new upshift light on the rev counter, all as standard.

    The GT2 will be the fifteenth 911 '997' variant to go on sale in the UK when it arrives later this year, counting coupes and convertibles separately. Expect it to be priced from around £115,000 in the UK – that’s a £17k premium over the 911 Turbo, but for the fastest 911 ever, expect people to pay it without blinking.

    >>> www.autocar.co.uk/News/NewsArticle/AllCars/226539/

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