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  1. This should have probably went in Technical, but I wasn't sure how much traffic that gets now a'days. Anyway, just wondering how did you all learn what you know about cars? I pretty much don't know anything about them to be honest, so tips are appreciated as to good sites and such.
  2. Become a TrueSportsCarMechanic
  3. Gran turismo 2
  4. i invented them
  5. this is done by disassembling a car that hasn't run in about a decade and making it run.
  6. I spoke to Raul at O.G. audio
  7. I can't even remember. I didn't really pick it up from any one source.
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  9. You don't know anyhing tho
  10. knowledge amassed from 16-17 years of being really passionate about cars...

    lately most of my learning comes from a few different forae and working on my car.
  12. Lol

    Usually a wall of text that i skip
  14. Was going to post this
  15. I used to "like" cars, I still don't know a fUcking thing about them
  16. Learn from my father. Back in the late 60's, he blew a head gasket on his 1968 Dodge Dart GTS. He took apart the 340 cid engine and did a total rebuilt. I said that one day, I'll do the same and did a complete engine overall on my 1979 Plymouth Horizon TC3. He help me and from then on, I fixed most of my rides.
  17. Respect.
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  19. i used to buy a lot of magazines. Evo and such
  20. i just make shit up
  21. be like nRo and say you have some E-class or something
  22. I learned all my car stuff from a book called "Cars: what is this, i dont even"
  23. Oh, so no one here knows anything...
  24. It really depends on what you want to know about vehicle. what do you want to know is the question?

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