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    This is history guys, these are racecars and it's MUCH better than say: "I drived a Boxster....#%&@£[email protected]#....PORSCHE IS A RACE#?&£@%$#CAR!!!" LOL

    Driving a Boxster or GT3 you cannot mean how much racecars are. Also driving a 360 or 458 you cannot. While driving a 935, a 911GT1 or 512BBLM or F40 you can say aloud to had drived recacars or much closer to them.
    Modern cars with racing layout like 911GT3s or 360 Stradale are just road cars with track setup or little more. Nothing to be confused with true racing cars. Neither for Ferrari, neither for Porsche.

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    We also cannot conclude that older racecars were so less effective. Mugello track was unmodified during the years.
    Here the grid results of some great older racecars.

    In 1980 the Lancia Beta Montecarlo Turbo Grid: 2nd 1:52.500

    In 1976 the Porsche 935 Martini Racing Grid: 1st 1:55.280. These are awesome results considering the ages.

    The last FIA GT Championship raced in Mugello in 2006. This was the grid.
    The best lap was made by Maserati MC12 GT1 - 1st 1:48.436. With the Beta Morntecarlo Turbo you should be classified 10th in the grid before of a long fleet of 430s and GT3s. 16th with the 935 between some 911GT3RSRs. This with cars and tires 30 years older.

    Monza same situation. The track just slightly different.

    In 1982 the 1st Kremer 935 was classified, Grid: 7th 1:45.990

    In 1996 the F40GTE was classified into the Grid: 1st 1:42.375.
    So awesome result for a 935K3 14 years before. Its package was slower just by 3 secs.

    The last FIA GT Championship raced in dry surface in Monza in 2007.

    The Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 was classified into the Grid: 1st 1:44.945.
    With the F40GTE you should be classified 1st (over 2.5 secs faster than the Aston 11 years before) and 9th with the 935K3.

    Thinking today for newer materials apply to newer tires how are able to perform cars like the Beta Montecarlo Turbo at Mugello? Being it just 4 seconds far from Maserati MC12? Or cars like 935s/F40GTEs at Monza track? The 935 being 1 second far from the Aston? This is why some older cars being built primary as racecars (Group 5, Group B) are still competitive. This is why some older cars are so legendary.

    On other way I now make the question to who consider, as example, a road GT3 a racecar.
    Looking that the 2011 997GT3RSR was into Grid: race 1: 5th 1:52.991, race 2: 3rd 1:50.425 in Mugello
    and Grid: race 1: 3rd 1:48.854, race 2: 8th 1:50.154 in Monza
    The newer car seems to be just slightly faster than the 935 in Mugello without any tires consideration.
    As you consider it a racecar behind the GT3RS package, why it's not seems to be concretely faster (just by 2-5 secs with 35 younger tires) than the 935 being it 35 years younger? At last, is it really the GT3RS package into the 997 project to conclude it to be considered a racecar or it was really the Group 5 (935) package into the older 930 project to conclude it to be considered a racecar?

    This means that the 997RS package without the last R should be considered it just road car with track setup, and also that the Group 5 (935) package into the older 930 project at that period was much more invasive than the nowadays RSR packages.

    Again about F40, built as Group B car then accorded as GT1 specification.
    2010 Corvette C6R - 2:17.605
    1996 F40GTE - 2:17.185

    A car built in mid 80's years confirm to be competitive still 2010 cars at SPA. Nothing to say about 911GT1 built by Porsche 10 years later with newer solutions, but also a confirmation to how behind the old Group B project a car still worth. Why F40 is so legendary car.

    Just to compare
    1982 Porsche 956 #003 Grid: 1st 2:15.120. Only 2 seconds faster than the 1996 F40GTE.

    F40, a Group B car able to perform so close to Group C cars at end of 80's. A road car close to Group C cars just by the GTE specification.
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  5. thanks kfor his view but Porche cars make racecar (car for road similar to racecar, back engine, etc)
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  7. That is a lot of info Porsche Addict and F40 Le Mans. Thanks
  8. I wonder how many F40s are out there nowdays. A good number of them have crashed over the years.
  9. they made over 2k of them.
  10. I thought the total number made was between 1300 and 1400.
  11. in all types of F40 I'm 95% sure its just over 2k.
  12. The production was 1315 road F40s (213 US cars version) [around 450 cars were built as no catalytic version]
    19 cars were built as F40 LeMans (two of them ultralight 980 kgs and ultrapowerful 880 HP)
    probably some other cars are crash cars or development units
    Total 1337 cars

    PS: Ferrari used about 8 cars for prototype (chassis n. were 73015, 74045, 74047, 74049, 74327, 75034, 75052 and 76354) few of these were rebuilt as F40 LeMans or race GT cars by Michelotto.
    All the other race version F40s are just road cars modified to race cars accorded to GTE, GTE Evo, GT1, GT3, N-GT specification by Michelotto or some other tuner.
  13. hmm. thought there were more than that for some reason.
  14. F40 Le Mans, congrats for the cars =)Is your collection available to visit? Italy?

  15. Hey I'll be in Italy end of April, I could check your collection instead <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
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