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  1. wow there goes a boner
  2. sweet Carrera GT and Murcielago pics!
  3. thnx. i have a few more..
  4. the Murcie is awesome thanks man !
  5. That was yesterday, right? I really wanted to go, but I didn't really have a way of getting there.
  6. Awesome, I just finished watching that.
  7. Any on track pics??? Panoz??
  8. Great pics man!
  9. Good pics, btw that yellow S2000 was featured in Super Street not to long ago...
  10. Dude, were you that guy with a huge Camara anda red shirt? Did you see a kid with a light hooded sweatshirt, light shorts and a Giants cap? That was me.
  11. Oh man! thats a hard-on.
  12. Serious protein stains on these pants, damn nice pics.

    Didn't go cuz I had homecoming
  13. That M3 has 360 CS wheels!
  14. I hate even thinking about associating Honda with ALMS

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