less hp in G35 SEDAN?

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  1. Does anyone know why the G35 sedan has 20 less hp and torque than the coupe version?? and does anyone know the accelaration numbers to 60 for both of em? thanx alot
  2. It doesn't have less power, really. MT tested both and they both did the 1/4 in 14.2
  3. really??? how is that? the infiniti site says that the sedan has 260 hp and torque while the coupe has 280... and the sedan should be abit heaviey than the coupe..wierd
  4. And the Ford SVT Cobra has 390 hp...
  5. The coupe is actually slightly heavier than the sedan.....The is probably a difference in output but probably not as much as they listed. Coupe has a different exhaust configuration than the sedan.
  6. Coupe is tuned to be louder and revvier with what is probably a freer-flowing exhaust.
  7. i heard from somewhere that its just cuz Infiniti recommends putting in a higher octane gas in the coupe, thats why its faster. Dunno if its true though
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    I've driven both, and yes, the exhaust is less restrictive on the Coupe, there is a noticable difference in sound and performance.
    As for the acceleration, www.google.com.

  9. uh,

    because they did the same 1/4 mile doesnt mean they have the same horsepower.
  10. Lets say this, both G35s are outstanding performance machines and probably the closest thing youll get to beating a 330i (IS300 comes close).

    The coupe is wider, while the sedan is longer. The coupe's aerodynamics are not as refined as the sedans (could be factor).
  11. The IS300 is shit.
  12. No, tim, no.
  13. Maybe the g35 engine was designed for low end torque while the g35 aws for top end hp.
  14. Its boring, very boring.
  15. I'm assuming you haven't driven one.
  16. and it sounds freaking awesome. how do they get them to sound that awesome? I don't know.

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