Let's discuss poverty

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  1. Recently there has been influx of poverty-related articles and discussions in Finnish newspapers and social media.

    Some of the opinions have been quite ridiculous.

    There's not an abundance of new threads so I thought I would like to know what you guys think.

    1. Is poverty an individual's own fault? If yes or no, in which circumstances and to what extent?

    2. What kind of changes could be made in your society to decrease poverty? Should there even be any efforts to decrease poverty?

  2. 1. It depends. There is no yes or no. In our economics it is inherent.
    2. In our economy more entrepreneurial channels are needed. An overhaul of education is due.
  3. Let's talk about pov-er-ty, let's talk about you and me.
  4. how about a handout you ghetto trashbag
  5. what a lengthy subject. If I hadn't been shitting and puking myself the whole day I would join in, but I think it is faire to say "it depends". Lots of rich people haven't done anything to deserve it, while lots of poor people don't help themselves.

    Also, are we talking poor as in 3rd word countries or poor as in Canada's poorest families with ~30k annual salary?
  6. We're talking both.
  7. I just find it a bit baffling that some members of the society's elite here have made sweeping Donald Trump- style generalizations about poverty. These are people who have never even had a discussion with a poor person, nevermind having experienced any level of poverty whatsoever or have never had to do any manual labour or minimum wage jobs. And then newspapers quote them as if they were experts on the subject. It makes as much sense as consulting a penniless hobo on managing vast capital investments.

    Also why do people ridicule the poor? School children usually bully the kid who can't afford certain things. Poor people are regarded as lazy and unmotivated, yet janitors, maids, etc. are sneered at despite how hard they work. Do these same people point and laugh at disabled people? Shouldn't it be applauded that a person continues to try going forwards despite a difficult life situation and unmotivating circumstances?

    It seems that these people are not only found lacking in information and empathy but also common sense and logic.
  9. Most people who ridicule the poor are probably just a crashed housing bubble away from getting into personal bankrupcy themselves after not being able to pay for thei maxed out mortgages when they lose their middle management jobs following the crisis.
  10. As far as I can tell, everyone wants a college education and a cushy desk job. Who's going to work in factories and restaurants, etc.?
  11. People who leech off free health care, free social security,free social housing and who are for a lot of them are massive welfare cases,unwilling to work pos, ghetto trash thugs and junkie mother#$%#ers sobs should starve and die in the streets. Enough of parasites sucking our taxes and money.
  12. So a person who gets cancer and has to quit his/her job and uses free healthcare to treat said cancer should starve and die in the streets?
  13. Do you know the difference between a welfare case/healthcare leech off and an unfortunate person who has the cancer, do ya? Apparently, not. One is constantly abusing the social system, and the other is in need of it. The former deserve nothing, the latter needs healthcare and get proper medicare. It is easy to see who are the social security fraudsters and absusers, often people with lots of kids living in ghetto trash hoods with expensive cars which are far above their financial means. Those ones deserve to starve and die in the streets.
  14. But isn't giving healthcare to a cancer patient for free socialism?
  15. Theres always someone who doesn't want a college education.
    Besides innovation evens out your worries
  16. I have rarely seen things free in a capitalist society, unless I am missing something
  17. Is a person receiving government-sponsored treatment not socialism?

    Isn't an insurance company charging people who are not ill to cover the costs of a person being very ill not socialism?
  18. Besides, this wasn't a debate about how to organize healthcare in society. Just talking about attitudes towards poverty.

    "Do you know the difference between a welfare case/healthcare leech off and an unfortunate person who has the cancer, do ya". Not really. Please tell me. I'll give a real-life example:

    Person X died of a brain tumor recently. He left behind a widow and 3 children with a substantial mortgage. Which category do they belong to?
  19. Unfortunate persons is the category, tehy belong to. And before buying a house or an appartment never overestimate your reimbursement capacities. You need to know exactly the limit of your financial means otherwise you can get indebted. This is just a matter of common sense and rationnal logic about spendings and managing money. End of discussion.
  20. Poverty is or would be a tough cycle to escape since the system is setup to propagate wealth and punish those without access to money.

    look at how nsf fees , and interest rates for people with no access to capital , even tax sheltering wealth products substantially favor those with the more money.

    In some sense it is the peoples fault since everyone has opportunity to make their own wealth , unfortunately that's not the reality since those more fortunate have more opportunities.
  21. Yea and that definitely needs to change. It would be mutually beneficial if there existed more opportunities for advancement, at least a greater awareness.
  22. Unfortunate? You don't say!

    Now what should be done with these widowed ghetto trashbags? M14 or Shotgun in the face?

    It goes without saying that before anyone can even consider intercourse, one must assume that both parents die tragically and the house bursts into flames and the child is orphaned with severe congenital disorders. And that niggers steal your bike.
  23. Not sure if that kind of policies go hand-in-hand with greater productivity...

  24. lets talk about basic income as a response to the huge expected job losses following advances in automation and AI

    less people will be required to do less work, and only skilled labor will be required for the most part. This SHOULD increase everyones quality of life. Will it?

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