Let's discuss poverty

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  1. Yes i agree. My solution is to "euthanize" everyone with less than $200k yearly income in hot oil. Including children and pets, of course.
  2. Bake them up in coconut oil. It will make their flesh taste much sweeter. Don't forget to let them soak in the children's tears the night before.
  3. I am right at describing you and I am not the one who is deluded. But you are the one who behaves since the start like a #$%#ing immature, disillusionned and uneralistic #%[email protected] #$%# prick. Stick your [email protected]

  4. Thats definitely a defect in how we do things. I suppose you can say crisis is a facade since it would be an inherent trait of what were working within.

    The status quo is stable and benefits everyone, thats why we dont see drastic changes. I do agree that we can do better though, and we should try.
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  6. Wrong again, dipshit.
  7. "I bet the only reason you want more fountain pens is so that when you hold them all together in one hand it makes it more difficult for you to shove them up your own arse."

    It's like we tried being adults for a few years, said '#$%# it' and came back to SCnet. I'm so happy. I'm hoping that more of the old members re-activate their presence here.
  8. I'll admit I laughed to myself whilst typing that one out.

  9. Genocide trolling aside,

    I'm under no illusion that welfare systems around the globe aren't taken advantage of. Every effort should be made to make abusing the system more difficult. Quite how, that I don't know. Maybe new technologies can provide some answers. From a nordic point of view, things like checks and food stamps seem positively archaic and very prone to fraud.

    In Finland the biggest problem with the welfare system isn't fraud but the very complex bureaucracy that goes with it. And the fact that in many cases the system discourages working. Someone in debt or on disability pension may actually make less money working than doing absolutely jack shit. Why the government hasn't fixed this ages ago is beyond me.

    Also, simply "allowing people to die" has never been a very effective way to get rid of populations. Even in cases where there was an isolated system (an island, a walled ghetto, an army standing in your way), problems did occur. And to even attempt to fail at mass starvation would require a police state à la DPRK, something the majority of Americans would never accept.

  10. i bet he'd enter hemi and hemi wouldn't even struggle
  11. I don't know how bad it is there but, here many of the ghetto trash aspire to live that welfare kind of life. You can survive, and not have to work for a living. Granted, you wont have real nice things and, you'll live with other ghetto people. But, you can 'ball on a budget'. That's why many use their free time for crime. Pretty easy to break into someone's house while they are at work when you don't have a job. Many of these ghetto people brag about how they scheme the system. It's an honor to them. So, yeah, I'm all for more dead people. Call me bitter, or psychotic. I just don't see being human making someone special. There are plenty of humans around, there is nothing special about them.

    One thing I would like to see is putting non-disabled people on welfare to work on the roads. Make them work with cleaning and construction crews.
  12. If you want to force everyone to work X% of their waking life for (reasons), then the same rule should be applied to the wealthy/privileged/spoiled people.
  13. I think you're confusing psychosis with something else.

    Finland doesn't have any proper ghettos yet (mainly because our ancestors did their own farming) but that might change since Greece and Italy decided that having any border control was so passé.

    If one can design a welfare system that can identify fraud, one can simply stop paying welfare to the people who commit fraud, along with suitable legal consequences (fines, community service, etc.). How extermination camps fit this picture I still fail to grasp.
    Thread wasn't really about how to design a perfect social security system, simply attitudes towards poverty. As you must know, one can be poor despite working two jobs.

    Having lots of people living outside the society very much correlates with a high gini index and low social mobility. Think of South Africa or Brazil. There's absolutely no way in hell anyone from a favela has a shot at a decent honest job or proper education. It's not like they are going to roll over and die either.

    I'm no sociologist but I would assume that removing some of the instruments of social stratification might actually decrease poverty, urban decay and crime. Travel back in time 150 years. The bulk of population in the richest countries in the world then would now be considered ghetto trash. Quite a bit of technological advances have happened since then that have greatly increased productivity and quality of life. Would you think that the fact that higher education isn't a privilege exclusively enjoyed by the noble and the rich or the fact that a working class person can have other prospects than working for half a pence a day in atrocious conditions and then die of consumption had anything to do with the comparatively massive amounts of wealth we enjoy today?

    Using unemployed people for construction work is a splendid idea. China is doing this but they take it a bit too far. They keep clinging to this utopia that 100% employment can be achieved, which is why there are 5 people operating a piece of machinery that needs only 1 person to operate. Or why they are giant construction projects undertaken in the middle of nowhere. On the other hand there's pretty much 0 social security. Arms got crushed by an industrial press due to employer ignoring basic working safety precautions? Born deformed because corrupt local government decided that it was ok for their buddies to pollute the only source of water nearby? Well #$%# you. Go beg on the streets. I could see some problems arising from this kind of policies in the west.

    However, for every 元 the PRC government spends on (sometimes useless) construction projects, they receive highways, railways, bridges, dams, skyscrapers... and some skilled construction crews. Every € spent by the Finnish government, for example, on unemployment compensation buys... nothing! Oh wait, it does buy people who are apathetic and who have lost their confidence in managing their careers, who gain no working skills and who are more prone than average to depression and substance abuse.

    As much as the PRC government hates the idea of giving up their artificial and unsustainable 100% employment, are western governments loath to spend a dime of public money on a project that isn't absolutely vital but would spend a similar amount in welfare without giving it a second thought.

    Call me a nigger but I think that building 11,050 km of motorways in a single year is fUcking impressive. Germany has 12,949 km of Autobahn. The UK has 3,555 km.
  14. To make that happen you would have to completely change the concept of ownership. About as realistic as that other guy's idea of sending niggers to Mars.

    I would really love to see Paris Hilton doing some roadworks though.

    Or Donald Trump working at a fast food joint.
  15. ^this is one sociopathic mofo
  16. That's literally not what I said at all.
    I made it very clear that it's the able bodied people on welfare I was referring to.
  17. Prove to me that being human makes you special.
  18. are you a crackhead?
  19. No. Are you?
  20. i think u are lol
  21. No, you.
  22. Which life is more valuable a human being or a crackhead?

    Crackheads are more exotic
  23. Didn't read the entire thread.

    Poverty is a huge issue here and it's getting worse because of years of shitty monetary policies and corruption. There's no way of changing that without a serious shift in people's mindset. But lately it seems that everybody's mindset is going more backwards than forwards, kind of in the same way as the rest of the Middle East (though milder).
  24. Human heads, obvi.
  25. legit question:
    if you're making a decent living why do you care if someone takes advantage of the system? why do you even care and how does it impact your life?

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