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  1. Are you one of the suckers that thinks free healthcare, housing, and food are actually free?

    I'll answer for you: It's not. Working people pay for them. I'm one of those working people. You've obviously never had to deal with those kinds of ghetto trash. These are the same ghetto trash that try to 'swang and bang' on the roads and other stupid shit. These are the same ghetto shits that take over apartments and turn them to shit. You've obviously been sheltered from these kinds of people. But, if you've ever had to live or work around people with their kind of mentality, you'd understand.

    And, take a guess at who are the one that are mostly doing the mugging, burglarizing and gang raping? I'll give you a hint; It's not your average middle class citizen, or welfare recipient who got there because some serious unfortunate events.

    The people that game welfare have a mentality of #$%# everyone, they're owed everything. They don't care about #$%#ing up their own shit, they sure as shit don't care about #$%#ing up your shit.
  2. Cool story, but if you have enough wages to make a living and the country is doing well then what do you care if someone is siphoning money and being useless? U jelly?
  3. That's a pretty basic way of thinking about it.

    IMO It all comes down to whether or not you feel like you're living as part of a society.

    if you care about education, or healthcare, or infrastructure, or law enforcement etc, you're going to want to know that the money to be used for those things isn't being siphoned out of the system by someone committing benefit fraud or similar. It isn't chump change, either. A few billion quid going missing each year is significant, and could be used to build hospitals or schools, or for criminal rehabilitation. things that will actually benefit everyone as opposed to just enabling a chav in grimsby to afford a 50" TV.

    Sure "my life" isn't necessarily directly impacted by the actions of others in that I go abount my business without restrictions, but I still remember that I have to "share" everything with everyone else in society. A stable society doesn't work properly unless everyone pitches in.
  4. If you gave someone a $100 bill, would you be pleased if they set it on fire infront of you?
  5. I wouldn't care lol

    To elaborate: when you give money to a vagrant do you care what he does with it?
  6. I don't think it's basic at all. Our economics will always have flaws and ways for others to exploit them.

    Of course you want to know where money is going, but if the economy is doing well then it won't matter if a few people abuse the system, it really cannot be prevented either way.

    If by sharing you mean sharing public services then sure, but you have to remember that there are so many people "pitching in" already.
  7. I don't give money to the homeless; I try to give a hot drink or food.

    most reject my offer, though
  8. Many have enough food and just need money for their vices

  9. Yeah, I'm aware of that. Hence not giving money away.

    I had someone actually get angry with me for saying I didn't have any spare money, but I could give him the food I'd just bought (not eaten) instead.
  10. Most life forms don't like parasites. I think that's some ancient survival mechanism. Look what a lion will do if hyenas come too close to its kill.

    Most people aren't altruistic enough to help those that are less fortunate. That's why I think that there should be tax-funded institutions to guarantee some level of social security. If people who are able to work and choose not to do so but live on welfare, they directly decrease the living standards of those who cannot work or those who work a low-paying job but can't afford to support their children.

    Would you like to give away 30% of your income to someone who just doesn't want to work for his/her own money?

    As much as I dislike the idea of a ghetto parasite playing the system, I dislike the idea of Wall Street ****s playing the system. But in the land of the home and free of the brave where lobbying goes a loooooong way you just got to live with that I guess.

    I think it's a bit funny that people generally look down upon a person who doesn't work and lives on welfare, yet having enough money to not have to work is "living the dream". And that some millionaire who scammed the financial system and lives the high life on the amount of money that would support a city full of ghetto parasites is having his balls licked and regarded as a financial genius.

  11. Eh being human doesn't really carry some universal "special" tag with it.

    It doesn't mean that you can go around murdering people at will. It's pretty basic, a 3-year-old understands this.

  12. The first time I saw a homeless person was in 2002 in Italy.

    I was like "wtf, people actually beg money on streets in Europe"?

  13. Homeless in Finland:

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  14. Haha, yes at least at the moment.

    Immediately after Romania became an EU member state, one started seeing beggars here and there. Probably the first time since WW2.
  15. I answered your question. You're either too lazy to read it, or too stupid to understand it.
  16. A better example is I give $100 to the government to help the needy. Would I rather it go to the actual person in need, or the criminal who just doesn't want to work so he can get high and break into cars?
    Sorry if that scenario is too perplexing for you, you're kind of an idiot.
  17. There are many people who do think being human is something special. Particularly the anti-death penalty people.

    This site needs multiquote bad!
  18. That's another thing that grinds my gears. I have no problem with stock traders, just the ones that #$%# people over. Them and any other "white collar" criminal that steal grandma's savings. Those #$%#s should be put in with the murderers and the habitual ones need the death penalty too.

  19. Sure, and I dislike "parasites" as much as the next guy but what I'm arguing for is that there are inherent flaws with our economics and that we need to identify them and ameliorate them. This is not to say that it will ever be perfect.

    I agree with this, sometimes circumstances are out of individual's control. Again, on the second part, those that siphon money will never go away.

    No, and that does not happen, lets get real now.


    Yes hypocricy abounds. That is the point of some of my argument that when you put morality into the equation one just ends up seeming silly.
  20. Sure, but expecting 100 percent efficiency is foolish.

    Don't be sorry, its not perplexing at all, and its shame you may think that.
  21. Being human is indeed special. There is no other organism that we know of that has as smilier an ability to rationalize as we do.
  22. No one other than you mentioned anything about expecting 100% efficiency. You asked why we should care and I answered. Seems you are perplexed. Do you even communicate, bro.
  23. Not every human is rational. Also, just having the ability to rationalize doesn't make you special. A few billion other humans do too.
  24. Hippos are pretty smart.
  25. Aye. Which is why siphoning monies should be made as difficult as practically possible.


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