Let's discuss poverty

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  1. Alright crackhead you don't understand the argument
  2. Yes, and that is the frustration that gets people going.

    We should do everything we can to provide a better education and provide avenues for entrepreneurship so as to minimize such leeching.
  3. Number does not matter. This a whole other conversation and it gets into the metaphysical.
  4. No you.
  5. Yes it does. You're not smart enough to understand how.
    You mean fake and gay, amirite?
  6. welp i tried having a decent convo with this guy. if you wanted i would've explained why.
  7. No you didn't. You called me a sociopath due to your inability to comprehend what I was saying. Others understood me. Then you called me a crack head without giving any form of valid rebuttal. You then ask me a question and ignore the answer I give you. You don't understand how a "convo" works.
  8. Alright I trolled you a bit but only because I know how emotional you get
  9. I wouldn't say you not understanding the discussion is trolling, and it takes more than a forum to get me emotional. But, tevs.
  10. Tell me what I don't understand. Enlighten me.
  11. I dont think you understand the drug crack
  12. Try reading, you'll be plenty enlightened.
  13. I can't ever understand why someone does crack it really messes with your emotions it seems
  14. Guys get a room. On 4chan.
  15. You'll need to donate gifts for the VIP room.
  16. lol'd
  17. That speaks as much to how advanced we really aren't on a cosmic scale. It's really easy to consider yourself King of the County when you shrink the horizon enough
  18. Is it reasonable to suggest that before we start messing around with the roots of a system which for the most part has been very successful for a very long time, we do everything we can to make sure we've chased every thread in the current system to see if it can be fixed without a major shakeup?

    It's worked for so long that it seems more likely that some assholes have just recently figured out how to work it over for themselves which screws the majority causing the people to question the validity of the whole system. Don't throw out the historically reliable thing because it's started to become dysfunctional, do everything you can to fix the dysfunction before rebooting. Chances are pretty good you won't stumble on a brand new way of doing everything that is as successful as what it replaces was.

  19. Yes, hence the "that we know of" portion. If indeed there is no other life form in the universe then life on earth is very much special.

    I am aware of the scope of the universe etc etc, however until otherwise disproven we are alone and we should treat each other as much compassion as that reality affords us.
  20. That is the crux of my argument.

    Our current system has worked really well up to this point. There has never been a more "advanced" society because of it. If some take advantage of it we should just ameliorate those issues that become too much of a drain on the system and directly affect us as tax payers. Whether a few ghetto types leech at no detriment to us all is of no consequence. Besides, if one is to examine how much money really is lost through government one would see it is in the billions. These leechers are peanuts compared to some big industries.

    Laziness is common among all humans and only through education and culture does it cease.
  21. Tell that to Greece.
  22. Mismanagement and constantly borrowing does not make the theory invalid.
  23. It was an extreme situation in which the leechers burdened the system. First it was the people leeching off the government, and when things started getting rough, the government leeched off its friends. It was a national state of mind and it almost took the EU down.

    America had its economy collapse in 2008 because of a similar attitude.

    Northern Europe will soon have more people on pension than people working to pay for pensions.

    Shit has, and always will, happen. But it's no secret that the symptoms are worse than everybody expected them to be, despite how advanced we've gotten.
  24. I make a decent living in a fairly advanced country. But we have a lot of leechers, on top of other pretty gigantic issues like having to spend 50% of our budget on security and having to pay for a big bunch of ultra-orthodox Jews who won't work.
    It used to not be too bad, because the system somehow managed it. But years of privatisation, a more capitalist agenda and some corruption have led to a much tighter fit. We're really starting to feel the pressure in recent years. Cost of living skyrocketed and taxes have been risen. Many people have fallen to poverty. Some of those who can pack up and leave.
  25. Its really the prevailing culture that is somewhat incompatible with the system.

    Sometimes individuals do know how bad the symptoms are and make things even worse by taking advantage.

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