Let's discuss poverty

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  1. I think it is unfair to expect an economic system to function the same way in Israel as it has in western countries that have decades of experience and knowledge. This scenario seems similar to many emerging economies like Latin America and even China, who is still learning the ropes so to say. I really think the culture plays a role in all of this.
  2. I can't think of a lot of countries where things aren't slowly going that way.
    Socialism leads to equality leads to people preferring career over family leads to aging population leads to immigration leads to leeching off the system leads to crisis. It's happening everywhere, to some extent.
  3. That may be true, but keep in mind that nobody is as good with money as Jews are, and this place is run by the mother#$%#ers.
  4. "Laziness is common among all humans and only through education and culture does it cease."

    That's only recent. Starvation is a hell of a motivator. The moment we started telling people to have all the kids they wanted because the government will take care of them is when it started #$%#ing things up.
  5. what is your stance beyond welfare chain gangs

  6. In regards to what in particular? I have many stances on many things in many positions and on several places.
  7. What's your stance regarding niggers?
  8. The same as chanks, hillbilles, spics, and aborigines.
  9. god damn abos!
  10. The only way to reduce poverty is by creating wealth. It's the only way forward. Wealth doesn't mean more money. Money - whether fiat or commodity backed like gold - in fact is the most fictional thing we have created. It has however added unthinkable wealth in many different ways, and still does and will carry doing so.

    Wealth is a product that makes us more capable. I.e. more capable to develop new stuff or do more stuff with less resources (monetary or natural or manual). Being able to travel more or having a faster car is but a side effect and is besides the point.

    Just think about this: abundant/ultra cheap energy with minimal environmental consequences; that would be massive wealth creation for all. Rule of law, being able to voice your opinion, respect of human/individual rights are critical for societies to be civilised. Democratic Capitalism is the only system that can make us all better off, till something else/new is provided.

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