Lets play: Guess the sex!

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  1. Just cus it had its penis sliced and tucked doesn't make it a broad.
  3. thread ruined
  4. to make sure it's ruined
  5. No, now it is.

  7. could you imagine slamming something with titties that point down, in the back of a VL?

  9. I wish I had that many.
  10. Model: Demi B
    Age: 19
    Eyecolor: BROWN
    Haircolor: BROWN
    Height: 167 cm
    Weight: 52 kg
    Breast Size: Small
    Measurements: 81/63/88
    Country: Canada
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Agency: Met-art.com
    Album: Presenting Demi
    Photographer: John Emsile
    Year: 2006
    Bio: Demi is a collage student, a dance instructor (jazz dance) and works part time as a tutor for a private girls school. She paints, writes erotic fiction and enjoys photography and film. This is her first time posing nude but she herself has taken nude photos of many of her friends. She is open, sensual and 'very honest with herself'. She likes to be around people who can make her laugh. Her best friend, she says, is her dog Jonah.
  11. The remaining 82 pictures are of her either posing topless, or bending over bottomless, or both. And Atomic2 has already yelled at me once in this thread for posting a vagina. Although, if I can find this with Google in like, 30 seconds, you should be able to manage with the info I posted.
  12. The earlier vagina is way better, by the way. Atomic can delete this post too, and then the moderators and I can compare.
  14. This website is not child friendly at all!
  15. Now this thread is on the right track.
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