Let's see some Honda crap take this on....

Discussion in '2002 Ford GT40 Concept' started by painkiller, Dec 31, 2002.

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    1stly mate. Japanese cars aren't shit. they are actually the opposite. I no this car is far far far better that normal Japanese cars, but they are still good. 2ndly, wot about those Nissan R390 GT1's?
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    This is a stupid topic, that's about all I'm gonna say before I write a 10,000 word essay on the matter.

    Khari - I'm not sure about the CRX (less weight in the back might make it not as good) but a 1990 Civic Si makes a pretty good autocross and rally car. With my 1990 Civic SI (that has a mere 130hp) I've fared quite well in regional rally races, I've come in as good as 3rd overall (meaning out of all classes, which means I did better than high end AWD rally designed cars such as, Impreza WRX's, and even one Audi TT rally edition), and taken 1st in class a number of times, and that being out of only 8 rallies I've competed in.

    P.S. one overlooked car among the earlier mentioned Japanese vehicles, is the 2004 North American STI (will be here this summer) while the current STI has a 2.0L turbocharged Boxer engine and produces 265hp and 255lbft torque and does 0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds. The 2004 STI that will be sold in North America will have a 2.5 litre engine producing 300hp and 300lbft, and some serious handling upgrades, and the ability to change front/rear power distribution.

    Two more trivial points of interest:

    1) someone mentioned earlier that the WRX does the 0-100km/h in 5.7, it actually does it in 5.4.

    2) Someone mentioned the new Hybrid NSX, I think it went unnoticed, so I have to bring it up again. It will be a major contender among below $200,000 supercars. AWD on one of the best handling street legal cars ever made, 0-100 times quicker than 4 seconds (the Dualnote did it in 3.9, weighed considerably more than the NSX), 400hp, 40mpg, it will be a force to be reckoned with.

    And to you people dissin' people who are standing up for Honda - You clearly have no clue how to drive well, you're probably homophobic (you made it clear that you feared those that like honda's because "they're gay") 15 yr. old rednecks-in-the-making who will have no other talents than how to gum (I say "gum" because you've likely lost all your teeth from all ther cheeween' terbaci your pappy gave you since you were a toddler) fellow redneck's gonads, and digest their "high impact protein" when it hits the back of your throat, and drive an old beater Ford Truck in a wavering straight line on the freeway as you sip a few gallons of pure ethanol. Get with it, try driving a Civic SI and see why they make a good-for-class racecar (also try driving your POS '80's Mustang with a top speed of 140km/h on a logging road, and time how long it takes before you spin out - Mustangs and virtually ALL other American cars are useless as rally cars)
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    Well the #$%#ing #%$got that started this thread said"Let me see a Honda crap take this on"So I pointed out to his gay ass that there are Hondas that can take his ford shit on!
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    Your username fits you will king of all that is shit!
    I'm close minded,you #$%#s don't like Hondas/Imports so #$%# you you are closed minded!
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    Go to hell and take ford with you,loser!
    I'd rather have a Tuned NSX,than this shit any day!
    And I don't give a shit if you say"But the NSX is tuned"Well no #$%#ing duh it has to be tuned it only has 290bhp this shit has 500bhp,why the **** would you compare that car with a Honda dickhead!
    Are you too intimadated by Ferrari,McLaren Lamborghini etc..lol?
    Here I'll make an unfair comparo too then dickhead,Lemme see your Gt40 go up against the New Ferrari Enzo on a track,or the Bugatti 16/4 Veyron in a top speed shoot out,doesn't make much sense does it huh maggot?
    Well Neither does comparing a 500+bhp car with a 290 or less bhp cars
    so #$%# you,just 'cause you don't like Honda(even though it's better than ford)doesn't mean you have to be GAy!

    Flamers that don't like Imports(Euro/Asian)cars could go to hell!
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    You show me billy shitdons shit that runs 6.5 1/4 mile ,And I wasn't talking about all out "DRagsters" but tuned street legal cars,big difference!And I said 10 sec not no #$%#ing 6,You'll never get that on a street legal car Idiot!
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    **** you ***** the NSX is better than the RX-7,so what you got to say about that huh?

    note:I like the Rx-7 too but NSX is superior to that little toy,NSX is a proffesionaly built exotic.And it's engine is NOT gonna break down as easy as the rotary engine idiot!So #$%# you for not liking Honda you sh!t>>!
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    Shut up you're just because your"MOM'licks my tingly balls everynight maggot!
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    Is that fool not banned yet? WOW
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    Yeah, I'm surprised too.
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    Anti-Domestic.....I've been waiting to unload on you so here it goes
    You obviously know absolutely nothing about cars whatsoever. You think that gay little r|ce rockets are cool (that whole concept still boggles my mind) and you have no respect for heritage and just plain superb engineering
    You don't know how to make a point either. you just say "This sux and thats what i say so it must be true." and don't back it up at all. Here is a new concept in constructing an arguement.
    1) Say facts. i.e. The gt40 can go 220, and costs only 100k, and has a outstanding suspension package along with its light weight that makes it capable with competition with cars that cost 3 or 4 times as much as it does, and looks fantastic unless you think gay little r|ce rockets with inline-4s, poor acceleration, and low top speed are coo
    2) youre gay i.e. youre ga
    3) stating an opinion no matter how gay stupid ill-conceived ignorant incompetent adamant or insulting it may be will NEVER prove ANYTHING!!!
    4) just to reiterate (if you know what that means) youre gay
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    1) A lot of those "gay little r|ce rockets" will out accelerate your big American V8's, just one Example: WRX STI vs. Camaro SS or Mustang SVT Cobra.

    2) You're almost as bad as he is

    3) Not ONE American car is good for Autocross, or Rally (don't even mention the Focus, your argument will be torn apart before you can say "the Focus is front-end heavy"), which is why those "gay little r|ce rockets" are so good.

    4) There's far more heritage in Honda in its past 60 years than all three American manufacturers added up in their near 300 years.

    5) You seem obsessed with homosexuality, perhaps you have some repressed urges?

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    Agreed except on the # 4. That was oppinionated bullsh!t and way off the mark. Honda makes some very nice cars but as far as heritage goes they can't touch any of the big American companies.
    And to the guy that tried to trash Anti-Domestic, it was a very good idea but calling him gay repeatedly just puts you down on his level and he is an expert at being an idiot and will beat you at that every time.
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    Well, yes, that's true, it was a matter of opinion, and it's all subjective.

    What needs to be considered is: does Honda's F1 heritage over the last 60 years (and I can post a link to a site for the Honda Collection Hall if you'd like to find out more) surpass Ford's drag racing heritage (most prominent for them among different forms of racing) over the last 100?

    I'll tell you one thing, not once in Ford's history did they provide a Racing engine for a car that was anywhere near as successful as the McLaren's using Honda engines in the '80's (F1).
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    And yes, using the last hundred years of all three major American Manufacturers added together was a gross exaggeration. The point was that despite all that extra experience, Honda is far ahead of all three when it comes to the next generation of performance cars (performance hybrids).
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    R!ce rockets?He was talking about the NSX and if you think that's a "r!cer" then go to Hell!NSXs are sweet.
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    You stupid #$%#,Why do you have to use the 'r!ce' word huh dick?Yes I like Asian cars so what,you like american #$%#ing yank-tanks,that concept
    still boggles my mind.I was talking about the NSx anyways,I would buy that instead of this gay ass ford Gt shit.If you think the NSx is "r!ce"
    too then #$%# you prick,say that shit to my face and i'll knock your teeth in *****!Oh and you do the same thing *****,you just say'ricer' and then you say I don't make any points ,#$%# you.I did make plenty of points,I said why compare a 500bhp car with a 290bhp car(NSX)Is Ferrari too intimidating for you?I said as an example you #$%#,since the shit that started this gay ass thread had to pick on Honda,that there are 4 cylinder CRXs that can beat this in a 1/4 mile,and it's true my freind has a 10 sec CRX street legal and it would smoke this thing.So to answer the thread question,that was a Honda that could take this pile on idiot.
    I'm not a really big Honda fan,I love the NSX and I have respect for CRX and civics(tuned) But I love Eropean cars more than anytning,like Ferrari,Lamborghini,Lotus,Porsche Bugatti to name a few all those makes are way better than any #$%#ing american shit make like ford.
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    Oh look who is talking,it's mr."Hey a ferrari can kick any other car's exhuast pipe"lol #$%#ing decided to talk now huh,instead of spamming?
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    Two questions and one request. Where did you get Ferrari from? When was I spamming? And finally please never post on this site ever again, at least not until you turn 13. Thanks!

    Password Please could you please post that link you spoke of! I would love to learn more about Honda!
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    Wow. Now this is why most people dislike biased people. I know people like this are a disgrace to this site, and to cars in general. To come out and say any domestic sucks, because it sucks, because it sucks, because he says so, because it sucks, and spurt off some dumb lines like lick my hairy balls leads me to believe that you have yet to grow hair on your balls you 10 year old. People like you will say that Ford sucks because they don't have a Ferrari-like competitor. Well, now they do. So now they suck becaus ethey aren't dependable? Who really knws if Ferrari or any of the exotics are depedable. I have rarely ever seen one with over 10K miles. SO who knows?

    Drop the 10 year old act (although unfortunately it's probably not an act) and acually give a real reason why you do or don't like this car, and not just because it carries a blue oval.

    Grow up.
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    Don't get pissed, just because you can't help the fact that FORD CAN **** WITH HONDA!!! I bet you drive some gay-ass 1979 Civic with a 10-inch exhaust pipe, and say it's a 10 second car because it's a CIVIIIC (or maybe you developed some gross fetish for Vin Diesel after masturbating to The Fast and The Furious)! You know what a Civic is? It's something you wouldn't really find in a #$%#ing junk-yard, because it's breaking down in a SEWAGE WITH OTHER PIECES OF SHIT, JUST LIKE YOUR GAY-ASS CIVIC!
    No wait, you're not even worthy of driving a Civic. HELL, YOU'RE NOT WORTHY OF DRIVING A YUGO!
    How old are you? 9? Oh, 30! It must be freezing cold out there at nights when begging for change under the freeway, huh?
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    Hey, Password dude, I like imports too, but it's just this AntiDomestic #%$got right here is the cause of me beggining to hate import lovers. What do you think of this guy? Don't tell me you're on his side, because if you are, then you just lost all your intelligence, and a lot of people in this website actually respect you. They don't bash on you, since you have strong points and valid arguments.
    But if you ever side with this #%$got, man, you really are low.
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    hey man, true, he often does say ignorant things, but I find some of the things he says to be hilarious (myself being an enthusiast who doesn't care if someone says stupid things about domestic cars, because it's about time someone started hitting domestics the same way some domestic fans hit imports), and there are SOME points I agree with, I just wouldn't word them the same way.

    But if you're going to disrespect me just because I agree with the occasional points he brings up then so be it, just don't ever claim to not be judgemental yourself.

    btw - thanks for the compliment, and out of curiosity, what forms of racing have you competed in?
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    Here's one site that explains what the collection hall is about, it's not very informative yet


    The "special exhibition highlight" on this page gives you a brief history timeline of Honda, Not really thorough, but it gives you an idea of where Honda is coming from.


    For some reason, I can't find that site right now, so for the time being you'll have to make do with these links, I'll try to post something more informative at a later date.
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    thanks for the links!<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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