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    i agree, actually dodge n chevy r both goin in the rite direction but i must say someone please drop a nuke on the pontiac designers or they on crack or something wen the make peices of shit like the aztek n vibe do they pat each other on the back n say i think we got a real winner here, it sickens me to see another american company make somthing shittier then the ford focus
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    Chevy did produce that stupid Avalanche, then made it into a Caddi, eik!!! Don't forget that Buick Rendezous, chevy better make some better desisions soon or they will find themselves occupying the spot Dodge was once in.

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    First of all did you say eik....(homo)......I'm going to pound you at school tommorrow..............and dodge still can't make a reliable vehicle so they arn't that close to chevy.........lets not forget how ugly the new intrepid is<!-- Signature -->
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    A little can, a little coil
    A little gas, a little oil
    A piece of tin, a two inch board
    Put them together and you have a FORD!!!!!

    dude ford makes the shittiest cars on the planet, i would bet both a dodge n a chevy over a ford any day
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    Intrepids aren't that bad looking. And you should change your name tag, your brand name is Ford but you are plugging Euros, you should realy exclude VW while you are at it from your euro comment too. <!-- Signature -->
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    Mustangs suck... (lets just clear that up) they always have and always will suck. The 'dinosaur' technology you speak of is still in use today, beating, defeating, and shamelessly abusing modern day cars. I beat some 94+ mustang gt with my 327 4-barrel(in a 68 camaro). Completely stock (even a rochester carb). Dont talk down on older technology, specially when its the easy way to power. Turbos? Why? Try tunnel-ram. Theres a reason its for 'competition use only'. And what does tunnel-ram use? Carburators. You know.. the little metal things that go on "intake manifolds". Whats a throttle body good for anyways? Cup holder?

    If you do find some modern day technology, you neglected the fact you can put it on older cars. *gasp* You really can. So you take the beauty, the lower weight, and awe of older cars combine it with todays wonders and what do you have? A supercar.

    Try to find me a mustang gt that beats a charger r/t. Well.. dont waste your time.<!-- Signature -->
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    MericanMussl you seem to have some problems understanding what you read. This forum/post did not have _ANYTHING_ to do with ANY mustangs, mine nor any else. Obviously some "sucking" GT Mustang has pulled your pants down in the middle of beach boulevard while you were trying to look ultra-cool for the forthcoming chicks and wiped your ass after that just because you looked so damn stupid. Or where the hell did you get your ideas for this forum being somewhat related to Mustangs? 94-95 Mustangs are *NOT* these todays non-dinosaur-tech cars. They have pushrod engines, live-axles etc. so your comparing try is fully irrelevant. Only thing left is to boost your small ego with childish "mine is better than yours" -attitude.

    That's OK if you just aren't the brightest one of the bunch, but did you considered that one fact that performance does mean something else too than quarter mile ET's? Ooh what a driver you are, able to hammer your gas pedal down and wait and see that automatic gearbox working? Sure you can have what ever carb engined emissions-free 70's musclecar that makes better ET's than most of todays sporty coupes inc. GT Mustangs, but how about giving it a try on a closed roadtrack? Some steering wheel turning also, anybody? Uh, oh, shiet man, how are your 70's brakes, tires & suspension and your arrogant attitude keeping you on the road now? Very-fu**ing-badly. Of course you can change this and that, even redo the badly desingned suspension geometry & architecture, but how many mediocre driver is able to make or pay for all that and be willing to rape his/her original musclecar? Not so many. But maybe you'll just do that, and I'll be just waiting for the Z06 killer of yours...for an eternity. Still don't get the idea? Go take your old charger r/t and rent me even that GT Mustang, a 2002 one, buy me a flight near to any twisting racetrack that needs a driver, not a gas pedal leaner, and I'll will wipe your ass too, just like happened back there in your beach boulevard. Period. I'll be waiting. <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif">

    BTW. Mustang still lives and is on production. Kinda miracle for being such a POS car ain't it? So, where is your 2002 charger?

    And oh, because arguing with idiots is frustrating and time consuming, let's just finally agree that of course you are right: Technology hasn't got any better in last 35 years. Go tell all your friends.<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah, but it's true, mustang's suck!!
  9. It's very nice, I say it's excellent. Dodge is in a better direction than GM, that's surprising!

    I like it produce it!!!!!!!

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    Why don't you go take a look at the VW's on this site they are way better then yours................and VW's are really well made cars<!-- Signature -->
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    94stang, you are stupid! Why don't you go look at the 2003 mustang cobra forum, and read what I have to say. The Charger is awesome. All I can say is they should 1:put in a hemi V8 and 2:make it a coupe, so it would better hold the Charger name.<!-- Signature -->
  12. mine's better

    I have a '73 318 Dodge Charger SE and let me just say that it's about 19 times better than this one. Don't get me wrong, the concept car is a nice one, but it's just too generic. It looks just like a Stratus, which looks similar to those 500's. It even looks a bit like an Acura, which is in my eyes truly sad.
    Another thing I noticed to be glaringly bad is that it's a 5-speed. Equally flagrant is the fact that it has 4, count 'em 4, doors, which seems to be a common gripe among viewers of this car.
    I'm sorry, but this one doesn't get me 'charged up' as much as the '68-'74 ones.
    sorry.<!-- Signature -->
  13. Old vs. New

    Hey "mines better"-chargerboy, I was very amused about your post. I mean, how can anyone say that having a 5-speed manual gearbox in a todays sportscar is a bad thing? Maybe you should take some driving lessons? Maybe you should also focus about things that are made well instead of spoiling them. Most of all, things that are made lightyears better than the original sixties product. You see, this is 21st century, not sixties. Does it make a car bad if it's not equipped with badly performing dinosaur-technology? I really think not. There is not going to be any new coupes that don't resemble of anything that has already designed either. If you wouldn't try so hard to search all those things that resemble something bad like (put something non-dinosaur or japanese here), you would see that the charger-concept is a beautiful car and does not need to shame carrying charger name. OK, 4 doors is odd choice but it still doesn't spoil the lines of it's bodyshell.

    Don't get me wrong, old chargers are really beautiful muscle cars with an edge but they just can't compete in ANY performance & driving characteristics of the new one. Just take 'em to a racetrack and try to see which one is more fun. Those things are about everything in these kind of cars. I'm so sorry.

    Another '95 Mustang owner (from cold Finland)<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Boxr4</i>
    <b>Chevy did produce that stupid Avalanche, then made it into a Caddi, eik!!! Don't forget that Buick Rendezous, chevy better make some better desisions soon or they will find themselves occupying the spot Dodge was once in.

    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->i don't know where you come from but where i live Avalanches and stuff like that is what every one wants!
  15. Lets see.....

    It's not about where that person lives, he is just plane stupid!!!!!
    Cause everyone does want the Avalanche or the Cadillac ext!

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