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  1. I used to buy a lot of different scotches to expand my horizons and broaden my exposure.

    Turns out, even though there is no such thing as a bad single malt, it is also true that some blends are better than many single malts, and also... there are many single malts that aren't bad, but for which I would also never pay.

    I narrowed my preference down to the peaty sweet Islays and a handful of non-Islays which taste like Islays.

    Specifically, Auchentoshan and The McCallum, two very popular bottles, rub me the wrong way entirely.
  2. C'mon, I haven't seen Wheelman in a long time!

    My taste in scotch is quite similar to his but I also want to pee in his whisky for some reason.
  3. I really think
    This must be a terrible feeling!
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  4. We are best enemies.
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  5. New bottle of work whisky…

  6. From the barurururururuu
  8. lol, japonais
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  10. That's what I was thinking, yes! lol
  11. New rules, can't delete it seems
  12. SeaBee CB Crystal Baller
  13. Hot damn
  14. make a dragon wanna retire man
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  16. racist

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