Lewis Hamilton swaps with Tony Stewart

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    - part 1
    - part 2
    - part 3
    - part 4
    - part 5
    - part 6
  2. typical American show with neverending bla bla

    start at part 3, 44s.
  3. i literally came in here to post this haha
  4. Bunch of fat guys driving NASCAR cars in oval tracks, with crashes every 5 minutes, it nowhere near as exciting as F1 racing.
  5. The commentators are impressed that was Hamilton is adapting to the stick shift? Yeah me too, it's not like he has never ever driven a manual before.

    Also I'm surprised Tony Stewart could fit his fat ass in the F1 seat.

  6. most probably changed the seat..
  7. Yeah, because watching a bunch of F1 cars not pass each other lap after lap is the pinnacle of excitement...
  8. All forms of auto racing can get boring.
  9. Nascrap is worse though
    this was a cool few clips, god it'd be sick to drive an f1 car

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