Lexus copies the Europeans again

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by germanguy666, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. Hahaha!
  2. Asains cant make anything up original, they've been copying europeans since the 90's
  3. WHOA ! since the 90's ? that far away ? DAMM!
  4. Lexuses are boring
  5. Its not his fault, he obviously wasn't born prior to the 90s.
  6. It's true and not really funny.
  8. Honda S2000, Mazda MX-5, the new GT-R, (should I go on) witch car are they copying?
  9. I really hope you're joking. Carl Benz didn't made the first combustion engine car in the world.
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    Actually the first internal combustion engine car (at least until now I don’t think it was discovered an earlier car) was made by a British engineer named Samuel Brown in 1826 (59 years earlier than the car made by Benz). After that Siegfried Markus in 1874 made his first internal combustion engine. And these weren’t the first automobiles ever made considering the where earlier models that run on electricity and steam. Benz was (and I think that there’s still no proof that says otherwise) the person that made the first gasoline engine back in 1855. The first car like they are today (not just a tricycle with and engine) was made by the French Émile Levassor e René Panhard back in 1895.
  12. nice reasearch. you've got your facts! I still can't believe Lexus and its tendency to copy the design of european car companies.

    Nissan on the other hand...deserves some respect. Skyline, 350Z, Infinity, etc...
  13. While Lexuses are boring, at least it has better reliability than Mercedes or VWs. That all said and done, I don't care for any full size luxury car.
  14. the new S = wannabe 7 series ; dashboard and rear end are the same.
  15. *improve
  16. Yes. Grandma will be happy. Everyone else will continue getting Benzes.
  17. Benz also has a hella old average purchase age.
  18. I hope you agree there is a difference between a "German Car Fan" and a "German Car Owner". Like that guy called AMGFan or something who drives his momma's Taurus.
  19. Like all big luxury vehicles.

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