Lexus goes power crazy

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  1. most people won't be able to drive properly with it...

    If it's a small car - 400hp is more than enough
  2. I blame Mercedes for stuffing a V8 into everything including a minivan.
  3. 400hp is a lot period
  4. exer is an idiot period
  5. Yeah, I remember that too. I figure mid 4's for the IS-F, possibly low 4's for the stripped version with the CF bodywork.

    The "over 400hp" bit is notable as these vehicles represent the first generation of Japanese performance machines after the gentlemen's agreement has been well and truly abandoned. Not so much an indication of what Lexus has finally acheived but, rather, an acknowledgement that they've had a hand tied behind their backs for a long, long time.
  7. IS-F>E92 M3
  8. Forced induction isn't a bad thing, it's actually a HUGE plus side for anyone who wants to mod the car at all. And it's no engineering marvel to have a 400HP N/A V8 either. GM can do it with their "primitive" OHV V8s, as has almost every other company in the world. All before Lexus.

    Yes it is important for Lexus because they're finally making a proper performance sedan. However as I said it's not groundbreaking in general. I'm not saying 400 HP makes it a #%[email protected] car, because 400 is plenty. All I am saying is the person who is talking it up like it's the second coming is an idiot. There is zero ground being broken aside from the fact that it is a Lexus that's doing it.
  11. Lol. M3 will destroy it.
  12. why? BWM isn't the end all/be all, plus Lexus has been targeting them for years...and has the capacity and will to beat them.
  13. Just wait. You'll see. I might be wrong, but I am most likely right.

    EDIT: Plus it looks even worse than the new M3 does, and that says something.
  14. It looks a lot better than the M3, it's that side cladding that's #$%#ing horrible.
  15. The side cladding is what makes me go M3 > this.
  16. if the japenese didn't have that gentlemans agreement bull shit, then they would be at 500-600 hp like the rest of the world.
  17. They clearly have the ability to outdo BMW in many ways. Just look at their other cars that go head on. More reliable, better fit and finish, and in other ways as well. However they couldn't top them right out of the gates in those areas, it took some time.

    If they trump them with their first real performance sedan I'll be very impressed. If they trump them 2 or 3 generations into it I wouldn't be surprised in the least, but I just don't see it happening the first go around. Especially since Toyota hasn't been doing any real performance cars for sometime now. I mean who designed this thing? The guys who did the Yaris or what? The guys responsible for the Supra, and other real performers have to be long gone OR have been working on Camrys for damn near a decade.
  18. If you werent so retarded you wouldnt say that.
  19. Toyota's rally team(??) as well as the F1 team have been playing around with it. At least the last I talked to them they were playing around with a few models - including the LF-A, IS-F and Supra. There is a small group of enthusiasts both in Japan and in NA that just think up crazy stuff and at times a prototype or two get built. There was a rally version of the Matrix done a few years ago - and one of the guys (company sponsored) dropped a Celsior V8 into it.

    True that they haven't made a performance car in over a decade, but the talent is still there - especially in Japan. In all honesty it's not THAT hard to make a 400hp engine with today's tech - especially with their alliances with Yamaha and Subaru.
  21. True, they have been dinking around with concepts, just none of them came to fruition. I wasn't really talking about them not being able to make a 400HP engine, obviously that's childs play nowadays. Displacement+good intake and exhaust=ta-da 400HP! I was more talking about it being competitive in handling and braking with the M3. In reality anyone can make a powerful engine, it's the rest of the car that's wrapped around the engine that makes it great or meh. Fact is as ugly as the new BMWs are god knows they're setup brilliantly under the skin.
  22. Back in the early '90s Toyota was making production cars that could stop from 60mph in ~110ft, could pull almost 70mph in the slalom and almost a G in the skidpad. The IS-F has aggressive double wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension. It has 14.2/13.6in rotors and six/two-piston calipers. It will perform well in every way.

    EDIT: The IS 350 already does 60-0 in under 120ft.
  23. Yeah but some of their large cars have been pretty though. Car & Driver listed some lexus, i beleive the SC430 as one of the worst handling cars they ever tested. It actually performed worse than the Tundra

    EDIT it was the Lexus LS 430. It's skidpad and slalom were actualy worse than an 82 Buick Regal
  24. The LS430 is clearly a performance car, and not meant for a soft ride or anything.

    You are gay.
  25. There's a difference between performance, and competence. The LS is neither, apparently.

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