Lexus goes power crazy

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by ajzahn, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. You can't cite a Toyota MR2 as proof a Lexus model will handle and stop well when an actual Lexus model does not handle that well.

  2. I know they're very different, but he acts as if Toyota has no knowledge when it comes to making great handling/braking cars. I'm just saying they did it over a decade ago. And there's a big difference between your typical Lexus and this. Besides, as I said, the 350 already performs pretty well.

    Also, I wasn't JUST referring to the MR2. The MKIV Supra put down similar numbers and it isn't exactly a tiny car.
  3. I'm not acting like they have no experience. I am merely saying it's something they haven't done for practically an eternity in the automotive universe. Just because you were great at football in High School doesn't mean you'll be any good when you're 30 and haven't played in a decade. Better than someone who has never played most likely, but not necessarily as good as someone who never stopped playing. You get what I mean?

    They're Toyota, and I'm sure they're going to have competent engineers working on it. I don't think it'll be rubbish, I'm just not sure it'll be up to par with the new M3 or RS4 is all.
  4. Looks cool, lovin the hp. Good job Lexus, it is about time.
  5. Engineering data, technology, suspension geometry, physics, etc don't fade/disappear because Toyota watches a lot of TV and eats donuts.
  6. LOL. Yea I reckon. We'll see just how good it is soon enough I suppose.
  7. Fast or not the E92 M3 looks like poo. I heart for E46 M3s though.
  9. And set it free...

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