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  3. "I always go for the undergod."


    I'm often a fan of the underdog. I don't WANT Lexus to beat the Germans, but I'm not opposed to the idea either. If they can do it then it's just one more amazing car out there to be had. There is something to be said for not coming out blabbering about how great your vehicle is, a la SSC style. Just come out without saying shit and DESTROY the competition, all the while downplaying it. If you pull it off it just gives you more clout for not being cocky about it, and if you don't it saves face!
  4. I love lexus, it would be nice if it or infininty got rated higher than the German barges for once so then all these kids would stfu about "quality" in their 318s or new 3-series.
  5. Lexus has been getting rated higher for "quality" in the US for quite some time. It's just that everyone considers they lack the sportyness.
  6. That IS-F looks mighty fine, and the SC 400/430 is nice. I like the 430 a lot but its a chicks car apparently? I dunno. They are after all late 90's/2000's cars, but I guess some sportyness they lack.
  7. I personally was always fond of both the 400 and the 430. I don't think the 430 is a womans car, but I've heard the same said before. It's not a maximum performance vehicle by any means, however I think it's a pretty cool looking cruiser with a good bit of oomph.
  8. jaguar reliable? HAHAHAHA

    give me a moment... no wait, i can't help myself

  9. Uh, have you owned a Jaguar made in the last five years? I don't think I've seen seen Jaguar drop out of the Top Gear owner survey's top 10 manufacturers during the time I've been reading the magazine. Which admittedly is only two years, but still. Modern Jags are pretty reliable.
  10. Design wise this car is dead last against the competition. Theres no cohesiveness for me, the front is too muscular with the hood bulge and ridiculously looking vents and the rear is just stagnant. If the M3 was bland (which I though at first too) then this car is flat lining on the design scale.

    Looks wise they line up like this for me: M3coupe=C63>RS4>ISF, C63>RS4>M3sedan>ISF
    I hate the Seat rear lights of the M3 Sedan, i cant stand them.
  11. I was making the statement in the context of the post I was responding to, not as a barb against Jaguar - although I see how it could have come across that way and it was not my intention.

    What was argued was that Lexus's goal is not "luxury/quality first" because Jaguar is not successful. Even after overlooking the flawed logic, my point is that the premise is bad to begin with. Jaguar has only very recently - as in the last 3-4 years - had success in reliability (and they did not do well in the '06 ratings... not a good sign of things to come).

    Jaguar does not have a good brand association with quality - in fact I'd say that the preception is very negative. It's going to take well more than a few years with decent J.D. Powers or Top Gear ratings to fix that. Meanwhile Lexus has been doing it since inception.
  12. I think you somewhat misinterpreted me. I didn't mean to imply that's not Lexus' thing. In context of that post I simply meant to point out that they are OBVIOUSLY trying to get dynamics down with this one, but covering their ass. EVERYBODY has had to vastly improve their dynamics in recent years and although Lexus has been doing good still so far I think they realize that the market for non dynamic luxury cars is shrinking/going away. So they're testing the waters without shouting about how great it'll be, which is smart.

    I own a Jag, I know they have their issues <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A> In all actuality though they've been up to par with a lot longer than a few years. They've only gotten better than average in the last few years. You're obviously correct about the brand perception though, but it is rather unwarranted nowadays.
  13. The bonnet could be lower, but I don't think the rest of it looks bolted-on at all. And this is the second time I've read that Lexus don't consider it a competitor to the M3, RS4, etc. Why not? They're either being excessively humble or excessively arrogant.
  14. "Lexus will be taking on two of its most coveted rivals, Mercedes� C63, Audi RS4 and the BMW M3"

  15. The SC 400/Soarer is nice but the 430 is #$%#ing ugly/womanly.
  16. this car would sound EPIC on an open exhaust. That V8 sounds like a machine.
  17. Nice car. Japanese Motor industry is trying hard to compete with the Europeans. I think it's a good step forward, which is what they are wanting.
  18. It said two rivals then listed three... better luck next time lexus
  19. probably because it is ...
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