Lexus IS500, why look any further?

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    Lexus IS500, why look any further?

    It's sometimes a lot of fun to see people swim across oceans or climb the highest mountains to snap a (low quality) "spy shot" of a vehicle that hasn't been released yet, while in Japan, the only thing we need to do is get out of the house and go to a press shop and buy a magazine that has "press pictures" of these cars.

    Let's take the long-awaited Lexus IS500 as an example, the M and AMG killer from Japan. Press shots of this vehicle have been available since April 2006 in magazines like Car Top (in their April issue that has been on sale since March). Here's a scan of the page.

    For those of you that are not aware what Toyota has cooked up for us, here are the main specs of this IS500: a V8 (2UR-FSE) engine that develops 420bhp (at 5800rpm) and 550Nm of torque (at 3800rpm), 5.0L displacement, overall dimensions of 4665x1820x1435mm with a 2730mm wheelbase and a total weight of 1685kg.

    That IS going to hurt!
  2. looks great
  4. crappy engine...
  5. It'd be lame if the production version came with those rims. Audi already uses them.
  6. I am loving it too! Pitty, I wished I had of saved a little more and wait to get this rather than the 250!
  7. Looks promising.
  8. looks good
  9. In what way?
  10. whats up with the m3esque side grills?
  12. Holy shit! that looks fantastic, and those wheels! they looks like the ones in the 360CS but bigger, PERFECT!

    But WHAT THE HELL is it with those HUGE ass side mirrors???
  13. you would need those mirrors too if you were squinting while driving<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>.
  14. its got to be awesome for me to pick it over a RS4
  15. a bit more aston-esque but yeah and the way the rear looks with the exhausts like that, completely stolen from BMW.
  16. isn't it funny that as soon as benz put a V8 in the C55AMG, straight away BMW and lexus decide to put V8's in their C Class reivalling cars? Benz always leads the way and the rest play catch up
  17. yep, just like merc put a v10 in the E class, so bmw and audi put v10s in their M5 and S6....

    wait.... is that right?
  18. Lol you're hilarious, Benz still uses 3 valves/cilinder. They're living in the past and the only way they try to catch up is increasing their engines displacement. REALLY WEAK.
  19. 3 valves per cylinder? lol

    proton USED to use that shit
  20. indeed, even the latest AMG models like the 65 and 63 AMG still use 3 valves/cylinder
  21. Shut up, Mercedes doesn't even have a proper gearbox in the C55 AMG
  22. isn't it funny how you comment is far from the thruth ?
  23. thats new to me
  24. for starters, if the article suggested weight is correct, it is lighter.

    i still think at 3700lbs it would be too heavy, 3500 would be good.
  25. the 63 doesn't. not 100% sure about the 65

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