Lexus IS500, why look any further?

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by naranhito, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. All sources I checked said 3 valves/cilinder for both models.
  2. IMO you can't talk shit about a car that uses a 3v engine, as long as it performs. I mean afterall look at all the 2v engines that kick ass... ALTHOUGH I will say I don't get the point of using the bigger heavier OHC design on an engine, and not using 4v heads. AFAIK a SOHC 3v weighs as much as a DOHC 4v right? At least with OHV you save lots of size and weight for giving up the extra valves.
  3. rear 3/4 = ugly
  4. if that was the asian joke i'm hoping it is, awesome!
  5. i never joke, joking is a sign of weakness.
  6. judging the rear I could swear it's a Hyundai
  7. Meh, this looks a lot better than any Hyundai and a lot more classy too.
  8. I'm honest I liked the old Lexus way more, both IS and GS but especially IS although I disliked the clear glass lights in the rear. The new ones look again a bit like "no clue where we're going with design now"-japanese/korean style :-/
  9. MSRP needs to be under 50k though... IMO.
  10. That's their problem, Lexus wants to rival BMW, Audi and Mercedes in europe and quality and engine wise that's no problem. But the german manufacturers are going strange ways with their design now and Lexus doesn't really know what to do it seems.
  11. engine wise except for that they take a Toyota engine to provide a diesel, dunno if that's the image boost for Europe :-/
  12. Well Lexus = Toyota. It's the Toyota luxury brand and as far as I know the Lexus cars come out with a Toyota badge in Asia.
  13. Lexus may be badged as Toyota in Japan, but the rest of the stupid world doesn't know that. That's why I meant image boost. Because the diesel engine thing is no secret on the other hand.
  14. Ow I was pretty sure everyone knew Lexus is the luxury Toyota brand.
  15. Uhm, well I didn't say anything else :-| People who buy a Lexus here well know that it's the luxury brand of Toyota. But they don't know that they actually are Toyotas in Japan for example. What is pretty public indeed by mags and so is, that their diesel engine is a non modified 100% identical Toyota one, and that's what I meant is not the best image boost since Lexus has a hard time getting in the market here anyway.
  16. I understand your point now yes <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  17. Looks nice from what i have seen. It looks like a solid car coming from Lexus. And i am glad to see a worthy power plant under the hood.
  18. im guessing there's no manual gearbox huh...

    too bad toyota ditched turbos for n/a engines that claim to hav "cleaner emissions and better fuel economy", else they coulda come up with sumthing a lil more out of the ordinary compared to the RS4 and M3.

    it looks decent, tho id say the mirrors are a lil big, and the side thingies and tailpipes look stolen from the M3.
  19. I have my IS250 for nearly 3 months now and I find it perfect. For the money I paid for it the equipment spec is very good compared to BMW and Merc. My unlce has an 06 E200 Kompresser(spl) and its plan and simple boring as ****. The seats are uncomforable and the interior had feel and look of boringness and profit making to it, where as i feel the IS250 looks and feels like they acually tried to make it goodlooking, like the effort was made to get you to like the car.

    But anyway, yes the mirrors are very big, i will be looking at aftermarket ones if they ever come out.
  20. I think it looks amazing...can't wait to see some production numbers for it
  21. 420hp at 5800rpm Naturally Aspirated from a 5.0L engine? doesn't sound right unless it has that hybrid drive thing like the GS450h.
  22. btw, Mercedes uses the 3 valves/cylinder setup to gain more torque at lower revs. The AMG 6.3 engines don't use that setup anymore, namely because that 6.3 engine is an AMG design/build, not Mercedes-Benz factory.
  23. Why do you guys worry about valve count? Those engines perform fine, even though they are not on the cuttingedge of technology.
    I thought toyota/Lexus would have the balls by now to come up with their own designs instead of blatantly ripping off their Euro competitors.

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