Lexus LF-A roadster

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by gallardo, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. it actually looks a lot better than i though it would
  2. wow that looks really awesome
  3. wow that looks really awesome
  4. I like; looks fresh but also clearly the next SC
  5. the face, fix it.

    the rear 3/4's is perfect.
  6. no shit, that rear 3/4 is the sweetest ive seen in a while. the front is true to the original which i dont mind too much, but no doubt would be toned down in a production version
  7. Just show us the production verion Toyota.
  8. woa. the rear angled shot makes it look amazing. the front seems...too tall. i dont know, something about it is definitely not right, but it still looks good.
  9. not very good. but weve already seen the LFa before. This just makes it worse.
    Nissan GTR please.
  10. The LFA is so much better looking than the GTR. Loving it.
    EDIT: Id still kill for a gtr tho
  12. Great looking car, but I hate those side mirrors.
  13. Awesome. I love it.
  14. Best looking LF yet, but the front does look a bit too tall and narrow. They should also put one into production already.
  15. not liking the front much, seems too "plasticy" but i really really like the rear.
  16. Better than the coupe. But I do see hints of 350z meets Solara here.
  17. face looks like a honda S2000 almost
  18. looks like Veilside, a 350Z and an S2000 had sex, drank while this turd was in the womb and then aborted it into Toyota's hands a few weeks before it was due.
  19. i have a feeling the lfa will be a wolf in sheeps clothing. toyota has a track record of overdeveloping their sports cars.
  20. lol ur avatar rocks

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