Lexus LF-A spotted at the Ring

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  1. Toyota’s V10 supercar spied testing at the Nürburgring; 2008 launch anticipated

    Here’s another look at the prototype of the Lexus LF-A supercar, this time caught testing at the Nürburgring. These latest spy shots suggest that the car is close to sign-off, lending credibility to the notion of a mid-2008 release.

    While details remain frustratingly sketchy, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Toyota (of which Lexus is a sub-brand) is determined that the LF-A be seen as a genuine supercar. With the Nissan GT-R also due around the same time, expect some real fireworks once both cars have been launched; Toyota will be keen to maximise its F1 connections to prove its car is the sportier of the two.

    Toyota will be giving the LF-A all the technology it needs to beat the Nissan too, including a V10 engine putting out over 500bhp and offering 200mph potential, plus ceramic brakes and a trick paddle-shift gearchange.

    The LF-A’s arrival seems to have been delayed slightly by a high-level decision to respond to proposed new European legislation requiring each manufacturer’s average CO2 emissions to fall below the 130g/km mark. Toyota needed to ensure there were enough small cars in its future model line-up to be able to deliver such a tough average.

    Bosses have also demanded that both Toyota and Lexus must now offer the option of hybrid power on every model in their ranges, so there'll be a hybrid version of the LF-A too.

    Such thinking certainly dovetails with reports that the next Supra, which will evolve from the recent FT-HS concept, will also feature a hybrid powertrain complete with regenerative braking and capacitors to enable the stored power to be unleashed when exiting corners.

    The Japanese sports car invasion won’t stop with these two models, as Toyota is said to be looking to re-enter the more mass-market sports car arena it once dominated with cars like the MR2 and Celica.

    The Lexus LF-A will arrive first, though, and is expected to cost around £80K. Following closely behind will be the production version of the FT-HS, due in late 2008/early 2009. (evo)
  2. I hope the design ages well like the Supra
  3. Joke?
    That last Supra isn't timeless, it's 1995 in a nutshell.
  4. I disagree. If the Supra came out today, it would still look modern IMO.

    The rear lights on this LF-A seem very generic and stuck on, so I doubt they are what Toyota has in mind for the final cut. If they could put the rear of the last LF-A concept onto what we see here on the ring, we'd have an incredible looking car.
  5. agree, but i think it today looks more "modern" than the mazda RX7 of the 90's
  6. I really can't wait for this car to be put through it's paces and hit the streets.
  7. I kind of like what I'm seeing.
  8. I know the tail lights wont stay but I love them.
  9. Looks very hot
  10. no this, is 1995 in a nutshell
  11. More like everything a supercar shouldn't be in a nutshell.
  12. Hopefully with the exchange rate, it's around $150K CDN. I'd seriously consider buying this car in a few years. Anything more, and it's going to price itself outside of the AMV8, R8, GTR, 911 Turbo, or Maser GT. Not sure if Lexus can hold itself in that league and at that price just quite yet.
  13. I can't see anything good in the shape or supposed design of this car
  15. I think the 3rd gen RX7 looks way more modern than the supra.
  16. You are objectively wrong. They are about the same. The 3000gt, and 300zx especially, were dated the minute they came out.
  17. I don't know about that. For one, the FD has pop-up headlights.
  18. Nice car. Very nice car.
  19. Sounds very good.
  20. I'm not in love with the front, but if it does have a 500hp V10, I'm pretty sure I oculd overlook that for the right price <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    Also, what size is this? AMV8 competitor?
  21. Z32?
  22. Ya that's right, I won't take it back.

    Not to say that it really looks bad though.
  23. It seems this car is been in the works for awhile now. When will it finally come out?
  24. also, I said that the supra aged well, not timeless
  25. I see that as the same thing.. the last Supra looks dated.
    I thought it was awesome when I was a kid, but now it just looks blah.

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