Lexus LF-A spotted at the Ring

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by ajzahn, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. well you see it wrong because they don't mean the same thing

    also, compared the the 928/968/348 the supra looks way more modern
  2. it looks like something out of burnout.
  3. The first gen 3000GT does look somewhat dated, but not the 2nd gen. And the Z32 doesn't look dated at all. You=fail.
  4. Also this looks pretty sweet. I hope it's not stupidly overpriced.
  5. I'll give the later 3000gt, but not the z32. Seriously, you're nonsense.
  6. Audi Fanboi*
  7. finally it looks like toyota are going to do something that is good for once
  8. you mean in a LONGgggg time
  9. 3000GTs definitely look very dated. They're not even good looking.
  10. not the later ones...with peek through headlights
  11. ^ What he said.

    However I personally do like the look of all the 3000GTs, even though the 1st gen does look quite dated.
  12. I just read an article on a magazine. Is not about the LF-A but about the new nissan N370z. On the spy shoot in nur, the LF-A was behind the tested Nissan. I don't have scanner, so I cannot upload the picture. I don't know if it's just a coincidence or they just comparing new concept car.
  13. I like that.
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  16. Guilty as charged.
  17. god...just freaking release it already...and don't change it from the concept model at all. 500hp minimium.
  18. This is almost most as good as the Veyron when it comes to delays.
  19. well... if you think about it... whats the performance on this car? 500hp and light weight, but did anyone get any track times to compair to other cars?
  20. i expect good things. Lexus has been on the ball lately.

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