Lexus LFA Final Edition around the 'Ring

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    Lexus LFA Final Eidition around the 'Ring

    Yes, it does seem sort of strange to see a prototype Lexus LFA testing on the Nürburgring just as we're hearing reports that the car is nearly sold out. But just because the original supply of 500 cars has been depleted doesn't mean Lexus isn't working on some sort of derivative or last hurrah (our spy shooter friends suggest the car could wear a "Final Edition" designation).

    This prototype, painted in a decidedly cool blue, looks a lot like the Nürburgring Edition LFA that we saw last year, albeit with a few tweaks. Most noticeably, the center-mounted tri-exhaust out back has been removed in favor of two dual-exhaust ports below each of the taillamps. A larger rear diffuser has been added, and another inlet has been added to the hood to help with airflow to the engine.

    Given all the breathing work done to the 4.8-liter V10, we're guessing that the car seen here offers a fair bit more than the 552 horsepower found in the standard LFA. How much more? Hopefully Lexus will give us a chance to find out.
  2. LFA Al-Thani edition
  3. That exhaust placement sounded cool from the description but looks pretty ugly in execution. Definitely should have stuck with convention on this one and moved them down.
  4. I like the tri-exhaust more.
  5. they'll probably make it look better for production
  6. this is not a special edition. its just research testing. they may offer aftermarket parts for current lfa owners, thus this testing.
  7. source?
  8. Still looks better than the original set up.

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