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  1. in Taken. It's what Jason Bourne wants to be.

    Also, he does a much better commercial for Audi than Jason Statham.
  2. hes a fUckin sik kUnt
  3. For real. It's basically what any guy would do in that situation, if they were a totally cool spy...

    That...yeah, that made sense.
  4. I know what you mean. I remember watching it and thinking the same thing.

    Basically yeah, if that was my daughter, and I had mad skillz like that, I would do the same thing.
  6. saw this movie last night it was amazing highly reccomended!!
  8. I too enjoyed this movie.
  9. I found this movie satisfying because he does what you've always wanted the hero to do. None of this 'good guy at heart' nonsense. He's vengeful like whoa.
  10. This is why I also enjoyed The Punisher.
  11. Yeah, I found that to be a pretty lousily made movie though. It was pretty bad, although cool.
  12. ya Taken is a great movie, it's not too deep, but it's very badass
  13. I like some anime for this reason. the protagonist doesnt usually hold back if they are trying to rescue/avenge someone.
  14. It's too bad the CIA doesn't do this stuff for real. Instead they keep letting the bad guys go, because these crimes aren't made into a big deal on the news to cause public outrage.

    What happened to his daughter in this movie is basically what happened to that American girl who went to Aruba and disappeared. The media was making a big deal about how some guy she met at a club was the last to see her and suggesting that he somehow murdered her, when in reality he was probably a scout who marked her. It's too bad they didn't do intense coverage of what more likely happened to her, because then the government would've been pressured to stop it.
  15. Chuck Norris FTW!!!
  16. Lame Nissan.
  17. Vampire Hunter D, FTW

    ALthough sometimes he does go pussy
  19. i dont like the guy as an actor, but the movie looked decent.
  20. Really?! He's probably one my my favorites.
  21. GT-R Transmission.

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