Libyan forces 'capture Gaddafi'

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  2. shouldve had a trial yo
  3. These aren't trained soldiers, you know.. not polititians either. They're just pissed off people with guns. This was a lot more personal.
  4. Doesn't war crimes have to be carried out by members of a legitimate armed service? This is more like murder. Capital punishment is a hate crime in all cases, but in cases like this I'll be a hypocrite.
  5. its still politically related. it says alot about the country fersur
  6. unironically true but who cares
  7. libyan techno viking
  8. It's different over there bro

  9. And?
  10. The Transitional Council considers itself a legitimate government (as do most Western nations). Rebel forces are in turn responsible to the Transitional Council.
  12. thats where metamorphosis went!
  13. haha
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  15. So first we dont see shit about Bin Laden

    Then this shit all over the place in highres and live footage

    Ryeahhh right
  16. Uhm, one was done with a spec ops mission. The other by a bunch of pissed off rebels. Hrmm, which would have leaked photos?
  17. and that's why it's unreasonable to think that he'd have been detained, formally charged, and seen trial? There are people in USA who have suffered from his radicallism who would have done the exact same thing except they lost one friend or family member in an even like pan am 101. Now imagine that asshole is your president and a: did that to your family and neighbours, b: kept you in oppressive poverty since you were born, and c: went on TV telling the whole world about how much you love him. Then someone give you a gun, have you see your buddies die right along with your enemies and tell you it'll all be over when that one asshole is gone for good.

  18. what does it say? brown savages?
  19. I'm pretty pissed off that he was killed. Hasn't there already been enough killing? I'm tired of it, and its time to move on. Let him face the International Court of Justice and then lock him up in a cell for the rest of his life.
  20. Do you have to declare when something is unironic
  21. We gave the Nazis a trial; we gave the most villainous and despicable people to live the chance to defend themselves. That's one of the most fundamental values that our civilization espouses. It doesn't matter if its tough: that's what discipline is for. I'm sure if we paraded Japanese war criminals on foot through Time Square they'd have been lynched too. Because that's not how its done.

    It doesn't matter if these people are career soldiers. They're claimed to be under the authority of a government of democratic values. Its not surprising that once a mob starts that it ends like this. I'm not blaming the individuals concerned. But it speaks about the Transitional Council that they were unable to communicate to their soldiers how to handle Gaddafi's potential capture when they were in his last bastion of power.
  22. I think you're making my point, for that to be possible there must be discipline. To establish discipline you need training. To establish training you need a more substantial governing body than the transitional council. Regardless of how the world would like to see them or how they would like to see themselves, they are not a legitimate functioning government. There is a mountain of work ahead of them before they can get the ball rolling on creating a legitimate functioning government.
  23. Our points are completely different. You're saying there's no government to enforce values. I'm saying there are no values to enforce a government.
  24. chance an explanation as to why they have no values?

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