Libyan forces 'capture Gaddafi'

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  1. Why even bother? I don't see what could be possibly gained by capturing him and I don't see why he should be afforded special protection over his supporters that are just killed rather than captured in combat.
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    a minute and 42 seconds in, he says the reason the IMF didn't fund a african communications satellite is because it would cost western businesses 500 million dollars a year....

    I then loled

    because this guy thinks 500 million dollars a year at all matters to the western world. It's pissing money to the economies of the western world.

    edit: "libya is a beautiful country with free healthcare and free college education... ... What can china do to africa that the europe hasn't already done? Africa couldn't be any worse." except libya, right guy?
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    that is one big mouth
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    didn't click
  6. Well, individual freedoms, rights, court trials et al really have zero value in specific cases such as this one. Another similar example is Ceausescu (Romania).
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    lol jorts

    what is this guy even talking about

  9. lol jorts
    not quite schpants
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    Since when does Chris Tucker talk politics?
  11. Seems he was actually killed in cross fire between the rebels and his supporters. Woopsie
  12. I wonder who's decision it was to keep him in the freezer.. people apparently lined up around the block to see him. I don't get it, but I guess I'm not supposed to. I hope seeing dead gaddafi brings them some sort of closure.

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    obviously for it's oil.
  14. ya right
  15. Because capturing him alive and giving him some sort of trial would have given an incredible amount of legitimacy to the new government. It would show that they can lead in a reasoned manner and apply rule of law. They would just execute him after the trail. It's got nothing to do with whether he lives or dies. Just when he dies and how.
  16. That being said, I don't blame them at all for popping him on the spot. It just would have been better had they waited until after a trial.
  17. gaddafi desserved to die
  18. And, by that I mean the rebels were using him as a human silencer for their weapons as they were firing at his supporters
  19. This couldnt have been better timing. I was planning on being gaddafi for halloween for a while now, and now everyone actually knows who he is.
  20. you must know some stupid people if they only now figured out who gadaffi is
  21. he sure does!

  22. lol, A for enthusiasm. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  23. Like anyone in a combat zone, if they are clearly surrendering, and you have already captured them, there is no need to execute them like a coward.

    So I'm not saying he should be getting special protection, its a blanket rule that should go for any person surrendering.
  24. LOL, the new "leader" of Libya wants to implement sharia law. Another country going back to the middle ages.

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