Libyan forces 'capture Gaddafi'

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Democracy and Arabs just don't mix.
  2. you must BE a stupid person if you can't spell his name!!
  3. Lets be honest, the average people at a typical college party aren't the most educated sort.

    And I'd be #$%#ing shocked if more than a handful of people would have recognized a gaddafi costume 2 weeks ago; now maybe with his face all over the news, but before he was killed? Nah.
  4. wth kind of college are you talking about? "the average people at a typical college party aren't the most educated sort." LOL HAHA
  5. I lol'ed at that too

  6. citrus collegeā„¢
  7. The kinda college that has the best halloween parties. State college
  8. your comment still makes no sense
  9. How come? Most people in America sadly are not that up to speed on world news.

    Listen we're not talking speculation, I took the costume to a party last night and still only like half the people even KNEW who this guy was, let alone were able to recognize him. I know we're all educated E-warriors here but people in the real world are #$%#ing dull.
  10. we get you son, he's just pulling your leg a little bit longer!
  11. Color me trolled.
  12. Like two dicks and no chick
  13. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>
  14. I didn't see much to indicate he surrendered. If he wanted to surrender he could have done so when he fled the the capital, instead he regrouped at his home town for the sake of causing as many casualties as possible.
  15. So basically you support him being executed without trial... seeing as though he was already in their custody and was completely defenseless.

    There's obviously more than just a trace of the oldschool Judeo-Christian-Islamic eye for an eye-style morality in you. And whilst im sure you'll find plenty of support for that kind of thinking in Redneckville, Alabama, or in Ayatollah Headquarters, Tehran, those of us who've managed to move out of the stone age and gotten a bit more cerebral would argue that its a terrible precedent to set for this newly reformed nation.
  16. You're insufferably naive, do you seriously think if he was captured that he'd be shipped off to Europe for some "legitimate" UN backed criminal trial and media circus?
  17. depends on what kind of college in america i guess.
  18. the icc is a joke
  19. * Highest standard of living in Africa
    * 0% interest on loans by law.
    * Free electricity
    * Free Health-care
    * Free Higher Education = 25% of Libyans are educated to degree level
    * 83% literacy rates (compared to 25% pre-Gaddafi)
    * Price of petrol - $0.19 per liter
    * Any Libyan who wanted to start farming given land, equipment, seeds, livestock and subsidies.
    * Unemployed Graduates paid the average salary for their chosen career path until employment is found
    *Newlyweds receive $60,000 to buy property and start a family.
  21. now at least they are free to shoot AK47s at whoever they want in the streets like it should be
    #$%# all that other "important stuff"
  22. you know what Libya didn't have that the US has?

    a national debt

    Libya owed no one anything

    Zionists gonna Zion and think there making a "difference" or whatever
  23. even during the "revolution" 35% of Libyans supported Gadhafi

    as of today, 19% of Americans strongly approve of the way President Obama is conducting office
  24. Unemployed graduates get expected salary til they find a job? That seems crazy
  25. Man it would be nice living on like 40 grand instead of getting by on the 22-25 grand I make now. Living the american dream

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