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  1. what the hell is the point of this car? big wows, you can do 254.whatever mph in Nevada deserts, but who cares?

    also its one hell of an ugly son of a *****.
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    its top speed record was set in ohio retard
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    What the hell was the point?

    A car made for a European challenge dumbass!

    Whats so good besides the top speed, how about the fact Callaway was able to make something a lot faster then what both Porsche and Ferrari could do for a top speed car.
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    I would guess that your not American and YOU ARE JUST EXTREMELY JEALOUS OF THIS AMERICAN CAR THAT'S FASTER THAN ANY OTHER CAR FROM YOUR COUNTRY!!!!! And this is 15 year old technology!!!!!!! YOU CANT BEAT IT EVEN WITH BRAND NEW TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!! SO SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Jealous, why somebody would be jealous? You say that like if you were making supercars.

    And, yes, you can even beat it with OLD technology; if we are talking about topspeed breakers running in deserts and things like that, you can call the 1938(yes 1938) MercBenz W125 record, with 433km/h, or near. It would be nice to see in the rearplate of that car "Beating cheaty shits since 1938"
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    The builders achieved what they set out to do with this car, that's for sure. Think about it....what did they want to do?

    Make a car that everyone will love? no.

    Make a car that tons of people will want to buy? no.

    Make a car that handles well? no.

    Make a car that will set a record for top speed and also be legal for road use? yes.

    They did just that. So please stop whining about the handling.
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    sorry, but Porsche dont make top speed cars, they accel in corners, hear me, corners
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    Want to make a bet on that retard?

    Read the Sledgehammer Article....

    Just read this two quotes from the Article

    "Then along came the impetus to build such a vehicle. The German magazine Auto Motor und Sport invited Callaway to the Nardo highspeed track in Italy to run a top-speed contest against a Porsche 959 and a Ferrari F40, supplied by their respective factories"


    "In Italy, the run went off with driver supreme Walter Roehrl piloting the factory Ferrari and Porsche. The tricked-out Ferrari actually ran slower than a stocker, at 198 mph and the tweaked 959 went 210 mph."

    Wow, you must be feeling real stupid right about now unh? hear me, STUPID!
  9. i #$%#ing HATE indies

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