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  1. If your first post grad job paid $70k, why did you move to the UK and do bar work?

    I've done the maths. It doesn't add up.
  2. Post post grad. Not undergrad.

    And I worked in a bar because I wanted to. I thought it would be fun. It was.
  3. I only addressed wages in that post because that is one area in which you are unequivocally incorrect.
    I haven't addressed property prices.

    "I reject your reality, and substitute my own." - burner
  4. Still pretty expensive.
  5. It seems more like you are trying to shape the direction of the thread to suit your contention, but you are reaching.

    Either way, I think we can conclude that Asstralia is expensive. We earn decent money compared to a lot of places, and we pay a lot for property. And Limes are expensive seasonally.
  6. Actually, not too bad right now. Must be imports.
  7. Yeah, we have a high cost of living, and high wages compared to other economies.
    But it is nowhere near as extreme as you were making it out to be.
  8. Gonna get myself in the lime business so I can buy myself a house that is not in Australia.
  9. Thread's bottom line.
  10. Im showing actual examples. But Im not looking for an argument, Im just showing reality.
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    20km east of city is vermont south/glen waverley and cashed up asians who have inflated the prices to 800+ for homes.

    20km north is mill park and prices aren't that high there, not a terrible area but not great by any means. 700k will buy a lot.

    20km south east is springvale/dingley and not too great around there, have to get into suburbs inside of oakleigh before its above average but again 750k around springvale will buy a house that you can knock down and put a mcmansion on.

    20km west/north west/south west lol. 700k will buy a lot of house.

    all those areas have quite different serviceability re public transport/roads/retail.
  12. Apparently government compiled population data doesn't equate to reality.
  13. I have no idea.
  14. If you went into the lime business you'd probably be rich so you'd be able to afford a house right next to Burner/the Apple store.
  15. haha
  16. Why would I do such a silly thing like living next to Burner?
  17. Because he lives in one of Melbourne's most affluent suburbs and you'd be lucky to live there.
  18. If we all lived there, it'd lower the real estate prices and drive the Burners out.
  19. lol marco

    i work in an italian restaurant too, and we don't order limes since, wtf, there's no limes in italy. but like you guys, the bar gets them on the occasion we need them.

    anyway, yesterday, the veg guy tried to deliver me some other restos produce and before i turned it away, i noticed a very large case of limes. you know the big boxes produce comes in, full of limes. I asked how much that cost and he said 69 bucks. He also said last week it was over a hundered.

    But there must have been 200+ limes in there
  20. There's lots of limes in Italy, what are you talking about?
  21. Aaaand Messina is in Northern Italy
  22. its a joke all the milanese people make here. They think italy ends at rome lol
  23. lol, northerners
  24. Lol it does. The south is full of arab niggers
  25. And full of garbage and needles

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