Lincoln considering giving cars real names again

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    Lincoln considering giving cars real names again

    Enthusiastic reaction to the Continental concept might be the death knell for Lincoln's alphabet soup of monikers. "Without divulging the future, we're very excited about the Continental name and the attention it's gotten," Ford President of the Americas Joe Hinrichs said to Automotive News.

    Hinrichs admitted that the current MK names could confuse those not familiar with the models. Hinrichs suggested that one way Lincoln might differentiate itself was to "leverage its heritage." While this is certainly nothing explicit, the talk could be an indication of an upcoming overhaul for the brand's naming scheme.

    The Continental is set to hit the market next year as a replacement for the MKS as the company makes a major push into China. Lincoln bosses reportedly gave the designers the model name as inspiration for what to create. The brand's health has slowly been improving since former Ford CEO Alan Mulally was ready to completely kill the brand. Last year, a new boss was appointed to the helm, and there were reports of a modular platform under development.
  2. I hate cars called with letters and/or numbers or both.
  3. I’ve been driving a Lincoln since long before anybody paid me to drive one
  4. When I'm done rolling up this booger should I just throw it out the window? Mmm feels good. Like a tiny tennis ball.
  5. I got it Scrot. I got it.
  6. I heard some years ago that there had been some serious investigation about naming cars, and this told that people in general associate number/letter combinations more with premium than they do with real names.

    But I'd still like to see a new Volvo Amazon.
  7. the older lincoln made before 1980 were the real thing

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