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Discussion in 'American Cars' started by rabbitl1, May 9, 2007.

  1. Are such crap. The Towncar is the only vehicle in either brands that is bespoke to one of the brands. Every other car made by Lincoln or Mercury is just a rebadged Ford.
  2. The Towncar is a rebadged Crown Vic dude.

    The Lincoln and Mercury variants also tend to have more luxury options, slightly different body panels, blah blah blah. IMO Mercury is a little too redundant. Unless they take Lincoln up to like Mb and BMW quality levels there is no real reason for Mercury to exist. They're too close. But Ford to Lincoln cars based off the same vehicle is ok. But there is no need for 3.
  3. lol @ rabbit1.
  4. um.....ok?
  5. Strange, an Acura CSX is a rebadged Civic
  6. the Lincoln LS was pimp. I don't think that was a rebadged anything.
  7. Auto makers have been doing this since the 50's.
  8. I totally forgot about Mercury until I started seeing their commercials a few months ago.
  9. Strange, Acura doesn't suck as mcuh as Ford.
  10. Way before that even (ie, Austin Seven by different makers)
  11. Also, I find the MK VIII of Lincoln's one of the coolest American cars from the 90's. Pontiac TransSport as well, by the way.
  12. i was watching this documentary about lincoln yesterday. there was this american voice that said: at the moment, lincoln is at the pinacle of automotive engineering and i was like O M G
  13. Hey cmon, be a bit more positive. A Dutchman saved Lincoln's ass when shit went down in the 1930's iirc
  14. The voice got paid to say that.
  15. Jag S Type?
  16. correct.

    also Acura sucks more then Ford.
  17. Since pretty much the dawn of motoring even. eg. the first Opels were rebadged Darracqs, the first Talbots were rebadged Clement-Bayards, etc.
  19. zomg pure sexxx
  20. No, that's not a rebadge. That's based on the same platform, yes. Also, if I remember correctly, the Jaguar came after the Lincoln.
  21. the new navigator looks horrible
  22. The Town Car is more than a rebadged Crown Vic. It rides on a longer wheelbase and doesn't share as many body panels with the Crown Vic as other Lincoln/Mercury models do with their Ford Counterparts. The LS was also very pimp, and pretty much bespoke for Lincoln (though riding on a Jaguar-designed platform).

    Still, Mercury needs to be taken out back and given a shot between the eyes.
  23. Lincoln need to get that recent concept car into production straight away, and Mercury just need something, because you never hear about them

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