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  1. Since the Lincon LS is very similar to the Jag, will we see a Lincon LS Type R in the future? That would be cool to see the Americans in the saloon fight again! (Not to say American cars are number one or something. I just like to see more competition in the Super-Saloon feild and the Lincon LS seems to be the only U.S. car that has a decent chance in making it happen). Having an American company with the title of Best Saloon only means the Brits and Germans will work like horny jack rabbits to regain the title again.
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    no LS R, however, the main model is getting the power upgrade.
    Cadilac also has its fair share of cars.
    the Lincoln Contintel will have a v10 or v12 enginge.
    and a Lincon X-Type version is in the works.
    as of right now, there is no interest in adding a supercharger to a Lincoln.
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    LSE dude
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    i dont think there will be a Linclon type r
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    I wouldn't be supprised to see LS from a tuner, saleen, Rousch. Hmmmmm mabye. I think that would be kewl, there seem to ba a fari amount of interst in tuning a LS. How about a LS V6 with a turbo?
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    Um... no. The Continental has been discontinued. The Continental concept shown last year with the 6.0L (I believe it was 6.0L) V12 was just that... a concept. It was merely a sneak peak of whats to come from Lincoln in terms of their design philosophy. However I wouldn't mind a new generation Continental with a nice 5.4L V8 and suicide doors.
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    I would like to see a Lincoln LS with a 400 hp V8.
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    I would like to see a Lincoln LS with a 400 hp V8. It can join the "team" of M5, E55 AMG, S8 and S-Type R.
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    dude i knew that, i was talking the next generation model, to have a v10 (427 engine possibly)

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