Lingenfelter 650 vs. ANY CAR

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  1. This is the kick --- car. It will blow you away! 0-60,4.5; 1/4 mile, under 10 seconds. Does Any body dare to compete?
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    sorry to disapoint u but how about a henessy venom 800 twin turbo.
    0-60: 2.4sec, 0-100: 6.5sec(maybe a bit less) 1/4: 9.99sec at 140 was it. top speed: over 230... need i say more? besides this vette does not run below 10's its in the mid 10's (there is a big diff at this level od speed)
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    sorry man this car can run into the 9's but that is with slicks
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    dont act like that viper was without slicks
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    yes it was im not gonna say it wasnt, but tell me does that make sense that a car with 100+hp less then the viper can run the 1/4 about half a sec faster? something is wrong with that. either the times are wrong or they somehow threw on wrinkle walls drag slicks on the vette not dot street legal ones. the only other thing i can think of that would cause the viper to lose is the way too massive torque curve its got, it can work against the car and break the traction even with slicks that viper can roast its tires well over 100mph.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from vettenut4life</i>
    <b>This is the kick --- car. It will blow you away! 0-60,4.5; 1/4 mile, under 10 seconds. Does Any body dare to compete?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Speed 12 , Giwasa Vipers , McLaren f1 , F50...

    all these cars blow the Ligenfelter on a race track.And there are many others.
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    Lighter cars , better chassis , brakes...
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    why compare this Lingenfelter when you can compare the 427 TT or the new Lingenfelter that can out accelerate a Jet with a 0-60 time of 1.9 <!-- Signature -->
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    i hear 2002 Lingenfelter has 1.9 sec to 0-60 and does less than 10 sec in 1/4 thats #$%#in nice

    did anyone hear bout the 2004 corvette z06 gettin a upgrade to 560 hp or sumething?? i dunno thatd be pretty good got me excited<!-- Signature -->
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    Great car but there are tons that can beat this car to death.

    The Z06 has a faster 0-60 time than this, how can it do 0-60 in 4.5 seconds?

    Murcielago can beat this car, Mclaren, Veryon

    you can do alot more to a Ls1 corvette wit 40k.
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    Hey if you dont know by now there is a new Lingenfelter Corvett that has over 800 bhp, goes from 0-60 in 1.97 seconds and is also the fastest car Motor Trend has ever tested.
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    A little update on the 427TT Vette, Motor Trend tested one with an additional LPE GT2 Hydraulic roller cam and what MT refered to as a heavily massaged z06 LS6 cylinder heads. As a further note on the engine the two Garret Turbo's where pushing 14 psi each. The price as tested bt MT was $165,000 (est).

    Now for the #'s:

    HP: 802 @ 4600
    Lbs./FT: 866 @ 3600
    0-60: 1.97 sec (that is no BS)
    0-100: 4.33 sec
    1/4 Mile: 9.24 sec @ 150.27 mph
    Top Speed: 240 mph (est)
    Lat Accel: 1.01g

    That is some very mean performance out of the old push rod v8. Now all there is to wait for is the C6 Corvette and the SRT-10 Viper. I am giddy to see what Lingenfelter and Hennessey will do with them.

    One more point of humor that I would like to address, the Vette that MT tested was a pre-z06 hardtop and had a Mallet forced induction vent and a Mallet heat extractor hood. Props to the owner who is not tied to one tunner alone.<!-- Signature -->
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    Here is a list of cars that this car would lose against:

    1.McLaren F1
    2.Ferrari Enzo
    3.Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Super Sport
    4.B. Engineering Edonis
    5.Dodge Hennesey Viper Venom 650
    6.Dodge Hennesey Viper Venom 800TT
    7.Dodge Hennesey Viper Venom 1000 Twin Turbo
    8.Lamborghini Diablo VTTT
    9.Koienigsegg CC8S
    10.Ferrari Koeinig F50
    11.Ferrari Koeinig F40
    12.Bugatti Veyron
    13.Chevorlet Callaway Sledghammer Corvette
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    HKS 180sx (look it up!)
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    blitz skyline, veilside supra, veilside skyline, dont be forgetin any of the fast jap cars.
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    what about the veilside rx7?
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    Look, do I have to go to every forum on this website and shut you Jap / European Import [email protected] up?

    For $160,000 American V8 (427) Twin Turbo (TT) Sports Car, this car is the car to beat!

    None you a$$holes know about this car because you don't read anything other that your Compact Car or Import Magazines... If you ever picked up a Motor Trend, EVER, you would know that the 427TT is the Fastest [email protected] car that Motor Trend has ever tested!!! The have tested the Mclaren F1, they have tested the Enzo, they have tested the F50, F40, Speed 12, Hennessey Viper Venom 800 TT any [email protected] car you can think of and this car is faster...

    Holy $hit, I'm tired of all the Import #$%#ers who compare the Vette against these $600,000 , $700,000 , $800,000 , $900,000 , $1,000,000 dollar cars and they still get beat buy an American Sports car Under $150,000...

    Shut up already, and admit that American has built a car that can compete with the rest of the world... Anything in the world that is a Street Legal Car will get beat if it pulls up against the 427TT...


    if you don't believe me, go to the website and quit crying about why your Civic with a cold air induction could hang with the 427TT...

    The Vette RUNS

    8.95 @ 153.6 Mph
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    Well, sorry to wet your pants, but the upcoming Ford GT will smoke this in 0-60 (3.4 unofficial, 3.8 official). This vette seems to be a 3rd gear car, maybe 2nd, but low gear, no. When it comes to the track, its a toss-up. This car, for the price, CANT have as good suspension as the GT, but it is a lighter and smaller car thats also closer to the ground. On the 1/4 Mile this would smoke the GT. So its really an even game here. The GT will be about $12,000 more though, but hey, the GT is a piece of automtive history. I bet Lingenfelter was hmself inspired by the work of the GT40 in its day. May God rest the sole of the Corvette King.
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    I would really like some more info, maybe a link, for the 427TT (im too lazy too look) that does the quarter before i can get the transmission to catch on my car,
    From what I hear, that's the baddest car out there, I wish it were on this site.
    on a more serious note, does anyone know how the death of the company's namesake will affect operations, especcialy now that the new c6 is out?
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    viper 1000tt is still faster
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    Chevy should make a mid-engined corvette it would be sweeeet
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    This would still beat em to hell.
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    Your a tool. And ignorant.

    1.Buy an R34 Skyline GTR in japan. Cost in us dollars? Approx $30,000

    2. Take it to Top Secret, get their full house package. Cost in US dollars? Approx $40,000. total cost USD $70,000

    3. DRIVE it to the strip, lay down high 8 sec quarter on STREET TYRES, drive home.

    4. Laugh your ass off at the tool who paid twice the price you paid for your car to run slower times on slicks.
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    and im talking about the 427tt now, id rather have a street legal car that can corner at 2G instead of 1, and for half the price
    Radical SR3 Turbo.

    some people seem to think here that you can be "the fastest car in the world" officially without registering a time on the the nurburgring that is faster than 7 minutes 17seconds...the 427 wont do it. not mid engined? not a chance

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