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  2. Surprised he didn't get beat
  3. ya kinda but they'd probably lose their jerbs if they beat some prick while off-duty
  4. meatheads lol
  5. Doubt it, a lot of bouncers have criminal records.
  6. in my experience, a lot of people will act like they want to/will beat you up, not too many do.
  7. In your experience? Arent you like 350Ibs bro? That doesnt really count.
  8. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A> you might be right, haha!
  9. Well, in Australia they actually require a security license. Any infraction (especially assault) would jeopardise that, which affects their employment.
    There may be a few cowboys out there, but the majority work for specialised security companies, which club owners are more than happy to let shoulder the responsibility of security/liability.

    Besides, the clip is so obviously intended to be viral.
  10. I dont know about Australia, but in the UK, security requires a license too. That doesnt mean they cant have criminal convictions, i think if it is a serious conviction, it takes a few years to be wiped, but it is very hard (without CCTV footage) to make assault stick. Its just one persons words against another.

  11. bouncers around where i live look nothing like those guys. i'm not a huge guy, but i'm bigger than most of the bouncers we have in our city
  12. My cousin is a bouncer. He once almost died after he got beat up in a parking lot by a bunch of dudes with tire iron.
  13. lol at not getting let into a place. YES I have a high horse, get out of my way
  14. There's two types of bouncers. You have the roid monkeys who go on the power trips, and then you have the big guys who pretty much let everyone in.

    One of the lots I work with I hang out with the bouncers in front of the bar next door and they're all pretty cool guys.
  15. i'd say 90% of bouncers are dickheads just itching to lay the boots into some ****. that being said i've never had a problem with bouncers.
  16. I've only had a problem with one bouncer, and he was always a dick. Go down stairs, buy a drink, head back up and get stopped cold by this bouncer. Can't go up, apparently its full...I've got a table up there...get unintelligible answer...grab chick and explode her off my back...he lets me pass.

    I was chilling at a bar once and some nerd was giving the bartender a bunch of grief. She said something that set him off and he poured his beer in her tip jar. Unfortunately for him the incredible hulk was on staff, calmly lead the guy to the door (though you could tell that the man was uncomfortable with the vice like grip on his shoulder), and at the last second when all attention was far away from them, he let the guy open the door with his face. Brutal.
  17. Never had a problem with bouncers myself, but with my proportions, it's not a bright idea to look for problems either
  18. Ive seen some bouncers do some wicked things, but ive seen some people do some wicked things to bouncers. Its swings are roundabouts. It also doesnt matter how big the bouncer is, you get enough people and they will take him down, and his soft bits are just as soft as yours. Opening the door with someone's face is pretty common. Most bouncers are pretty level headed because they know that they can get taken down like anyone else, so they avoid confrontation.
  19. Being a bouncer would be shit.
  20. They do get lots of girls.
  21. Have you ever been to Spice Market before? Funny to see the attitude of some bouncers.
  22. Being a bouncer is super easy in American bars.

    Flirt with drunk #%[email protected]
    Turn down 20 year old guys fake ids
    Escort out super drunk people
    Flirt with more drunk #%[email protected]

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