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  1. Just filled up the home bar with some more spirits and decided to make this thread for those of us looking for good liquor at a good price.

    I still need a white rum, an aged rum, a single malt scotch, some better gin (one mid range and one top shelf), a mezcal, a brandy, a genever, an aquavit, an amaretto (for bourbon sours), some more vermouths (Punt e Mes is on the way, perfect to cut with Cinzano), and more bitters, what else am I missing? Probably some better rye, too.

    Now, on the gin subject first, I want something neutral like Plymouth but without the price tag. I've heard Boodles is a good substitute, which I've never tried, and Citadelle, which I know has a good bang for the buck. Any other suggestions? For the top shelf (which has yet to go up), I'll be getting Brooklyn Gin unless someone convinces me otherwise.

    By the way, for you bourbon drinkers, this Old Grand-Dad Bonded 100 is delicious and a bargain. Screw Bulleit, this stuff is 85% as good at 50% the price. If you want something tastier, get Four Roses anything (regular, small batch, or single barrel) they're all excellent and reasonably priced.
  2. Yo Appleton estate is a pretty sick rum for a good price and makes a killer mai tai.

    I don't do much white rum but I do need to find a place that stocks a better selection of cachaca
  3. my tyrconnell is empty <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  4. Replace with Greenore... If the price is right in your area.
  5. I have to hunt for Appleton, why not Myers's?

    And as far as cachaca is concerned... maybe. I'm not a caipirinha person, but I guess Leblon isn't that expensive. Might as well have it for the ladies.
  6. Sailor Jerry or Kraken for spiced rum imo

    Also get Cynar and Chartreuse. Amaro Noninno, Aperol, Fernet Branca
  7. I've not heard good things about those spiced rums... I'm thinking just a white, an aged, and Meyers's dark. Probably gonna go with Barbancourt for the first two.

    Chartreuse yellow and green are both happening, no doubt. I like Last Words. Oh, I need an absinthe, probably going to be Kubler.

    I have a lot of amari in mind and the ones you mentioned are definitely going to be there in addition to Gran Classico and perhaps Amaro del Capo. Aperol... hopefully that won't be necessary, Campari spritzes are better anyway.
  8. Just got my hands on a bottle of Boodle's London Dry tonight, the supposedly superior 90.4 proof (50.2%), not the 80 proof. Probably the best London Dry if you don't want something too juniper forward, and for the price, a great substitute for Plymouth.

    Whereas Plymouth just tastes like subtley fruity water with nice burn on the finish, Boodle's has a smooth opening and the only juniper I get is light and on the finishing burn. I'm not a martini drinker, which is a shame because I'm sure this would make a great martini however this is going to be great for making my daily high-test Negroni. The New Amsterdam will now be used exclusively with tonic, as it ought to, way too sweet and citrusy for other cocktails. Plymouth will still be on my top shelf, for which I'm still looking for other gin suggestions.
  9. Gin I usually go ugh hendricks for something nice or tanqueray for more every day use. But I feel like there's some new brands out that I'm not familiar with since I'm not really into gin like I used to be
  10. I started out with gin on Tanqueray and I'll still order it if nothing better is available but now it's too junipery for me even for everyday use. Hendricks is nice but cucumbers aren't my thing. Will probably get a bottle of Hendricks for the top shelf just because others will drink it.
  11. Citadelle is probably the best gin I've ever had for under $20. Old Raj is my favorite gin ever if you're looking for expensive stuff, but if saffron isn't your thing (you goddamn heathen) try Greylock from Berkshire Mountain Distillers, Bluecoat, or Aviation. For single malts it's pretty hard to beat the price:quality ratio of Glenlivet 12, but if you shop around you can probably find something more interesting for not too much more $$. For genever I'd suggest Genevieve from Anchor (yes, the brewery) - I much prefer it to Bols. Get Old Overholt for rye, your tastebuds and bank account will both thank you.
  12. After tasting Citadelle I decided it was nice but too floral for me but good for those of you who want a Sapphire without the pricetag. Also I suggest Prairie gin in this area if you like to support American distillers, we use it as our well so it can't be too expensive but I've never seen it at a shop, my guess is that it should be a little cheaper than Citadelle.

    I have Aviation here at the bar and will have to try. I certainly hope it's neutral like Plymouth. Would be nice to be able to have an American gin to be my everyday imbibe. The thing with most of the new American gins I've tried is that they try too hard to not be a London Dry and end up way too far off in the herbal or floral spectrums and lose nearly all their juniper flavor.

    Plymouth is still the best in my book but after researching and realizing that the price has essentially doubled in the last 8 years for the same product, I refuse to drink it more often than on the weekends. So far Boodle's 90.4 proof is the closest thing I've had to Plymouth.

    Glad someone finally mentioned Old Raj. Is it worth the price? Can you taste the saffron? Really interested to know before I spend upwards of $50 on a bottle of gin.

    Take a look at the bar, I've already got Overholt. I was talking about a rye for the top shelf. Perhaps Sazerac Rye if I can find it? Bulleit Rye is definitely going up top, love that stuff. My roommate is the whiskey guy, the Four Roses small is his, the Old Grand Dad 100 is mine because I like proving to him that sometimes good whiskey comes in a screw top bottle -- actually anything that's Bottled in Bond/Bonded is probably going to be a great value.

    Also, protip, never make a rye Old Fashioned with Overholt, it's the only rye I've had that ends up horrible when sweetened up.

    Glenlivet 12 will probably be it. And 15 for the top shelf.
  13. Also for those of you in Canada who have access to Ungava gin please let me know if you're interested in a trade. I can get you some nice barrel proof bourbon or something that you can't get up there.

    Same for those of you in the UK who can get Plymouth Navy Strength. Let's talk.
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    For a top shelf rye go with Michter's. Easy to find, not terribly expensive, and really good.

    Old Raj is absolutely worth the money, if for no other reason than it makes the best martini I've ever had (which is the only way I'd care to drink it other than straight). I'm pretty sure NB will agree with me on this if he sees this thread. They also make a standard London Dry that is very good, and somewhat less expensive than the standard stuff.

    If you're looking for a top shelf highland Scotch, I'd recommend Oban 14 over Glenlivet (or at least spring for Glenlivet 18). Alternately, if you're open to blended malts, I can't recommend Aberlour A'Bunadh enough: I bought a bottle for my birthday a few years back, and it was simply awesome.

    If something more peated is what you're after, I'd recommend an Islay - specifically Bruichladdich The Laddie 10 (if you can still find it), or something like Lagavulin 16.
  15. Funny how I always kind of toss Michter's aside and forget about it. Probably because it's so easy to find leads me to believe it's not as good as the other whiskeys that you have to hunt for. As bourbon and rye get more popular, Micheter's remains one of the few that here in NYC you can find practically anywhere that isn't a ghetto liquor store. For example we can't even order Willets or Elmer T Lee here at the restaurant because there's a ridiculous waiting list for it with the only distributor in town (Southern, run by the mafia I'm pretty sure). I will get Michter's because I know its a good value but I want a rye that has some label appeal in a nice looking bottle as well. WhistlePig? Sazerac?

    Thanks for the Scotch reccomendations, kind of lost beyond knowing that I want one Highland and Talisker for up top. Just haven't tried enough but I'm getting my bearings there.
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  17. I could be interested in this deal
  18. Ah yes I think I saw that for some ridiculous price (was it $120?) at the fancy liquor store near where I work. Have to find it somewhere for less.

    All the prices you've mentioned are about $7-10 higher in NYC by default (for example Citadelle sells for $25-27 on a 750) so I'm always seeking out bargains on nicer bottles at crappy liquor stores. That's how I found the Old Grand Dad for $27 behind bullet proof glass, did some research and found out they sell for $19 down south. Oh well, still a bargain to me.
  19. May I suggest Four Roses Single Barrel? Or no, isn't Four Roses a well exported brand? Can you get that up there or is it too strong to sell?
  20. we only get small batch up here so I am willing to give that a go
  21. Oh man if you like their Small Batch you're going to love the Single Barrel. Their entire lineup is just awesome, every step up feels like it was priced accordingly and tastes exactly that much better.
  22. haven't tried it but I'll give it a go the next time I'm at a lcbo. when would like like this bottle of gin?
  23. Hey if you've never had it don't let me pressure you into something. If there's something your more familiar with that you'd rather have let me know and I'll seek it out.

    As far as timing, I'd like to do this ASAP, when would be good for you?
  24. I can do this whenever and you're not pressuring me at all. I do like bourbon and like to try ones I haven't had before. when I grab a bottle of the gin I'll let you know and we can figure it out from there if that works for you.
  25. That sounds perfect. Next opportunity I have I'll grab a Single Barrel of Roses, let me know here in this thread when you're ready with the Ungava.

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