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  1. I recently went to the Grand Prix of Sonoma at sears point raceway for the ALMS series and they had this car here (diff color) and i stood by the fence which was about 20 from the track and these mother #$%#ers are louder than shit. That Panoz V8 #$%#in rumbles and you know when they r comin by cause the ground starts shakin....and for any one who knows, in the LMP900 class they had two panoz's but they were mugen powered, still louder than shit but they were higher pitched...does anyone know why hey had them mugen powered...?
    and another question, why arnt the team oreca vipers in the series anymore, i love vipers and its a shame to me to see the private owned cas gt their asses kicked by vettes
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    The two LMP-07 chassis at the Grand Prix of Sonoma are actually no longer owned by Panoz motorsports, they are owned by Dick Barbour Racing. Dick Barbour struck a deal with Mugen to help develop their sportscar engine, and Multimatic is helping DB with all the fabrication work and such. That's why they are mugen powered. However, this chassis sucks complete ass. It's very pitch sensitive, has awful lateral stability, and the Panoz engine in it last year was VERY down on both hp and torque (so is the mugen this year). The only good part about this chassis was that it had incredible brakes, but the old engine did have an incredibly evil exhaust note. It sounded kind of like a pissed-off hornet in a can. The "Spirit of America" Panoz, the one painted like the flag, is the LMP-1 EVO. That's the one with the throaty rumble that you liked so much. Having seen them run at sebring this year and at Petit Le Mans last year, albeit last year they did not have the revised paint scheme and bodywork, and it's an intoxicating growl. You really can't help but love it....To answer your question about the Vipers: ORECA stopped racing the Vipers because after 2000 they entered into a deal with Chrysler to develop and race a Dallara LMP chassis with a Chrysler engine. However, after only one year DaimlerChrysler terminated the sponsorship for reasons i can't remember right now. Nonetheless, the team has continued to develop the chassis and has replaced the Mopar motor (which was actually derived from the Outlaw engine) with a Judd GV4 V10. It may surprise you to know that the cars the American Viper Racing run in the ALMS are actually former ORECA cars, they are just too old and the team is too small to compete with the 'vettes.
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  4. DCX pulled the plug on the Dallara program because they wanted to give their full attention(and funding) to Dodge returning to NASCAR.

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