Lister vs. Vector

Discussion in '1999 Lister Storm GT2' started by vspec 05, Aug 10, 2002.

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    In my personal opinion, Vector looks much better. Also, I think it's faster because they haven't found the "actual" top speed for the M12
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    I dunno, the M12 isn't anywhere near as promising as the W-8 Twin Turbo was. Originally the Twin Turbo V8 they were going to use in it had 1100 horsepower. But they ended up releasing a "tame" version with "only" 700(but they used that 3speed Auto which didn't help). Then when the company changed ownership they switched over to the M12 which used the Lamborghini V12.

    I'm going with Lister on this one.
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    vector is better lookin but i'd stick with lister for a dice
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    Are you idiots kidding!? The Vector would #$%# this car up!
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    prove it
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    personally, I'd take the Lister, this is one badass car
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    Tell me you guys actually like the look of Vectors. Americans should stick to minivans and pickups, because everything else they make is only even half decent in a straight line. Doy you mean to tell me that a vector can handle??? I doubt it!!!! How about wheelspin? Think before you talk, 700 hp is high, but there is no point unless you can use it
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    Ummm, ya well Vector definately looks better. I have never really taken much notice to the Lister Storm v12 because it isn't really outstanding in any way. The M12 is in my opinion better looking then alot of Lamborghini models. But the Storm v12 is kinda blocky looking and well the color scheme isn't all that attractive either. As for performance, I guess over all Lister would beat Vector, but if I ever had the choice I would still choose Vector.
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    ill take the lister
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    Vector would cream lister by far. Listers are large and immensely heavy. Not to mension the gear ratios, which are too wide for this Horsepower.
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    It's a pretty nice car but it doesn't have any good speed considering it has a V12
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    I agree Vector is way bettere.
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    Your way off with the gear ratio's. The Lister is heay because it's the fastes 4 seater car in the world. It has a larger cabin to support 4 people. It's not even like a 911 though you can actually fit people into the back. I'd take the Lister cos as Top gear said it's big, bad, expesive and British. Remember James Bond is British as well so careful what you say about us. Also one word VANQUISH.
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    Are you nuts? Vector would maul this to death
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    Depends, if it was this lister vs. the Vector this would kill it. However, if it were the normal Lister then the Vector would win.
  17. God, you kids are thick. This is a racing car! The Vector W8 wasn't.

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