Little race monster.

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    man, this thing must handle like a dream!
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    I drove it!! (2 minutes)
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    This car was created on bases of the R5 Alpine.
    It won several titles of France Chammpion on Asphalt.

    More than 350HP in race version.
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    shame it looks so silly, then.
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    R5 Turbo in action
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    A links for a very good video from a duel in France beetween two great drivers!

    Vive la France! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>!
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    I drove the GORDINI & the FUEGO but not "le CAR" (R5)
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    Yes,R5 turbo is real moster....When I was 18 I have had an R5 gt turbo 1989 upgraduated.Very funny,also thanks to the turbo.The Alpine,Stratos and Delta were very fast in rallyes...
    But if you love the speed and to be fast in traks you have to buy a car with the balls.Have you never heard about the 2001 Lotec Sirius?eheheheh.......more than 1300 hp and very light body.Now you can imagine how fast it is in 0-60 and not only....But remember that the most imporant speed test is the 0-1000mt.;many cars are fast to ridge 60mph but only a few cars are really very fast to cover 1Km.....This is the most important test to see the difference between a fast car and a real exotic supercar.
    Try to read some magazines like AUTO,QUATTRORUOTE,ecc...for example:if you look at the bank-date try to compare cars like a 1995 Porsche 3.6 turbo,ferrari f355 or a Lamborghini Gallardo with a Ferrari f40 you can see the same times in 0-62mph,but the big difference in 0-1000mt. reveals that f40 is really in another world.

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