Lleyton Hewitt's 360 Spider

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    Article is a few days old, saw it on fchat, I didn't see anything posted here but here it is:

    The pic is a scan from The Advertiser (SA's only tabloid), notice when they say it is "the only one in Australia", they've got it wrong...
    December 5, 2004

    What a way to mend a broken heart . . . just weeks after his split from fiancee Kim Clijsters, former Wimbledon champion and world No 1 Lleyton Hewitt has been raising eyebrows around the streets of Adelaide driving this $420,000 black Ferrari.

    Lleyton's early Christmas present to himself is a 360 Spider model with a top speed of almost 300km/h. He bought the Ferrari – the only one of its type in Australia – from a Melbourne dealership. In the wake of his split from former fiance Kim Clijsters, the 2002 Wimbledon champion has found solace in one of the fastest cars in the world.

    And he is certainly raising eyebrows around the streets of Adelaide in his 360 Spider model, which has a top speed of 300km/h.

    Hewitt, who has career earnings of more than $18 million, is taking a break over Christmas/New Year – spending plenty of time with close friend and Crows midfielder Andrew McLeod.

    The pair have become the talk of Adelaide, frequently seen about town, including the basketball and the Adelaide Test.

    Hewitt, 23, bought the Ferrari – the only one in Australia – from a Melbourne dealership, following in the footsteps of fellow Davis Cup star Mark Philippoussis, who previously owned a $600,000 Lamborghini Roadster. While Hewitt's Ferrari isn't quite in the same league, it's still proving to be a traffic-stopper.

    The convertible two-seater boasts leather trim and a top-of-the-range stereo system, as well as all the other luxuries you'd expect from a car with such a price tag.

    The Spider has 294kW – or 400 horsepower – and also has a fuel capacity of 95 litres, which means it costs about $100 to fill up. Hewitt, who bought the car from Lance Dixon Prestige Cars in Melbourne, took delivery on Thursday.

    The company's website shows the car retails for $395,000. Stamp duty is $19,950, vehicle registration $500 and dealer delivery charges at least $3500 – lifting the total price to more than $420,000.

    The Ferrari was ordered from the company's headquarters in Maranello, Italy, shipped to the Melbourne dealership and then trucked to Adelaide.

    While red Ferraris are the most popular, Hewitt specifically wanted a black model. A salesman flew to Adelaide to personally deliver the car to Hewitt and then took a drive with him.

    Lesson over, Hewitt then took a spin from his luxury West Lakes home to AAMI Stadium, where he showed off his latest acquisition to McLeod and other Crows players.

    On Thursday evening, the two dined in Glenelg before leaving in the Ferrari and heading home.

    The Advertiser

  2. Damn not much happens in Adelaide from the look of it. Is it really the only one is there?
  3. Plus Craig Parry just won a Ford GT which is way cooler. He should bring it to Aus.
  4. he's a tosser
  5. He is a champ.
  6. who also happens to be a tosser
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    The only Modena Spider in Adelaide? I don't think so, it's unlikely....FerrariKing said he's driven a 360 spider before, so there should be at least a few there - but when they said it's the "only one in Australia", that's definitely wrong.

    I'm still in Melb now, I go back to Adel for hol at the end of the week so maybe I might see it when I get back.

    This is where I got the info and there is a bit of discussion too..

  8. should have gotten a Ford GT. Then Id care.
  9. We really f*cking care that you dont care.
  10. lol,the only one...

    I saw on the news Adelaide had some Ferrari event on last month, where there was even a 360CS featured with S.A plates.

    Fûcken tossers
  11. black ferrari :D
  12. Yeah, black Ferrari - wonderful!

    Lleyton is one of my favorite players and this
    is not a bad cat at all - guess he wanted the
    rebate because the dealers need to the get 360s
    out when the 430s arrive ... *laughs*

    The rims look kind of small on this one - doesn´t
    have Ferrari bigger ones available? Or is the
    choice down under somehow limited? ;-)
  13. GT isn't available in Australia.
  14. that blows. Does Australia get the ASL Garaiya?
  15. that writer is an idiot:
    the only 360 Spider in Australia
    that guy really need to look around a bit, or just go to the dealer
  16. lol, you're right, but he was probably exaggerating it .. maybe the only black ferrari 360 spyder.
  17. ...with the Scuderia shields.
  18. 420,000AUD!!! that's heaps. In NZ they retail for around 360-380,000NZD dependent on spec. That's 357,867.25 AUD current exchange rates.
  19. What's so special about a 360 Spyder? I remember seeing 360 Modenas in Sydney... And for that price, I thought it would be modded with something special. You could get a 575 or a better model than that.
  20. Yeah we get ripped off in Aus.
  21. why would that even matter.. if you're spending 350,000$ plus 70,000 might not make a big differencce.. especially when you're a multi-millionair
  22. rip off 420,000 for a 360 wow
  23. or does the money even out since its in australlia?
  24. If you've ever been to Adelaide you'll understand.

    You cannot get a 575M for that price - they are like A$500k+ at the very least..
    Actually A$420k is about the standard price you'd pay for a new Modena spider in Australia.

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