LMS: Peugeot wins 2nd race at Valencia

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  1. Peugeot won their second Le Mans Series race in a row, romping home as expected in the Valencia 1000kms.

    The 908 had a comfortable pace advantage in Spain and the diesel cars disappeared into the dust.

    They even staged a race of their own, battling each other until a clutch problem forced the Marc Gene/Nicolas Minassian car out of the race.

    This left the Pedro Lamy/Stephane Sarrazin car free to take an easy win.

    The new Zytek put up a fight, but engine problems curtailed its progress. This left the Charouz Lola of Jan Charouz, Alex Yoong and Stefan Mucke to take second.

    LMP2 honours went to the ASM Lola despite at least three spins. They came home ahead of the Radical of Tim Greaves, Stuart Moseley and Robin Liddell.

    The Soheil Ayari/Stephane Ortelli Saleen was untouchable in GT1, but the GT2 fight went down to the wire, with the Marc Lieb/XavierPompidou Porsche coming out on top.

    Class Winners:
    P1: Team Peugeot Total Peugeot 908 HDi *** - P.Lamy, S.Sarrazin
    P2: Quifel Team ASM Lola B05/40 AER - M.Amaral, A.M. De, Castro, A.B'gueno
    GT1: Team Oreca Saleen S7R - S.Ortelli, S.Ayari
    GT2: Felbermayr-Proton Porsche 911 GT3 RSR - M.Lieb, X.Pompidou

    Prov. Result
    1 8 Team Peugeot Total LAMY Pedro SARRAZIN Stephane Peugeot 908 HDi *** LMP1 ==234== 1:25.234
    2 15 Charouz Racing CHAROUZ Jan MUCKE Stefan YOONG A Lola B07/17 Judd LMP1 ==232== 1:27.734
    3 5 Swiss Spirit DELETRAZ Jean-Denis FASSLER Marcel ALEXANDER Iradj Lola B07/10 Audi LMP1 ==231== 1:27.274
    4 18 Rollcentre Racing BARBOSA Joao HALL Stuart SHORT Martin Pescarolo Judd LMP1 ==230== 1:27.687
    5 16 Pescarolo Sport BOULLION Jean-Christophe DUMAS Romain Pescarolo Judd LMP1 ==229== 1:27.062
    6 17 Pescarolo Sport PRIMAT Harold TINSEAU Christophe Pescarolo Judd LMP1 15.821 1:28.312
    7 40 Quifel ASM Team AMARAL Miguel DE CASTRO Miguel Angel BURGENO Angel Lola B05/40 AER LMP2 ==224== 1:29.031
    8 35 Saulnier Racing NICOLET Jacques FILHOL Alain JOUANNY Bruce Courage LC75 AER LMP2 ==222== 1:30.312
    9 21 Bruichladdich Radical GREAVES Tim MOSELEY Stuart LIDDELL Robin Radical SR9 AER LMP2 6.789 1:28.820
    10 55 Team Oreca ORTELLI Stephane AYARI Soheil Saleen S7-R LMGT1 30.078 1:32.492
    11 24 Noel Del Bello Racing PETROV Vitaly GOUNON Jean-Marc Courage LC75 AER LMP2 ==220== 1:30.007
    12 61 Racing Box PERAZZINI Pier Giuseppe CIOCI Marco TAVANO Salvatore Saleen S7-R LMGT1 ==219== 1:33.656
    13 50 AMR Larbre BOUCHUT Christophe GARDEL Gabriel GOLLIN Fabrizio Aston Martin DBR9 LMGT1 ==218== 1:33.977
    14 19 Chamberlain Synergy EVANS Gareth BERRIDGE Bob OWEN Peter Lola B06/10 AER LMP1 ==217== 1:29.992
    15 44 Kruse Motorsport BURGESS Tony DE POURTALES Jean SIEDLER Norbert Pescarolo Judd LMP2 ==216== 1:30.282
    16 25 RML ERDOS Thomas NEWTON Mike MG Lola EX264 AER LMP2 ==215== 1:28.406
    17 72 Alphand Aventures ALPHAND Luc POLICAND Jerome GOUESLARD Patrice Corvette C6.R LMGT1 ==213== 1:33.641
    18 77 Felbermayr-Proton LIEB Marc POMPIDOU Xavier Porsche 997 GT3 RSR LMGT2 ==211== 1:38.656
    19 96 Virgo Motorsport BELL Robert SIMONSEN Allan Ferrari F430 GT LMGT2 ==210== 1:38.665
    20 78 Scuderia Villorba CAFFI Alex ZARDO Denny Ferrari F430 GT LMGT2 1:00.211 1:38.882
    21 90 Farnbacher Racing WERNER Dirck EHRET Pierre NIELSEN Lars Erik Porsche 997 GT3 RSR LMGT2 1:02.688 1:38.016
    22 32 Barazi Epsilon BARAZI Juan VERGERS Michael OJJEH Karim Zytek 07S Zytek LMP2 ==209== 1:29.101
    23 88 Felbermayr-Proton RIED Christian FELBERMAYR Horst Jr GRUBER Thomas Porsche 997 GT3 RSR LMGT2 ==206== 1:39.882
    24 98 Ice Pol Racing Team LAMBERT Yves LEFORT Christian PALTTALA Markus Ferrari F430 GT LMGT2 10.735 1:38.890
    25 59 Team Modena GARCIA Antonio HALLIDAY Liz FITTIPALDI Christian Aston Martin DBR9 LMGT1 ==203== 1:33.344
    26 97 GPC Sport DE SIMONE Fabrizio HERNANDEZ S BONETTI Alessandro Ferrari F430 GT LMGT2 ==201== 1:38.352
    27 94 Speedy Racing Team BELICCHI Andrea CHIESA Andrea KANE Jonny Spyker C8 Spyder GT2R LMGT2 ==199== 1:39.945
    28 99 JMB Racing BASSO Maurice McCORMICK Bo Ferrari F430 GT LMGT2 ==197== 1:43.211
    29 85 Spyker Squadron JANIS Jarek VAN ES Sander Spyker C8 Spyder GT2R LMGT2 ==196== 1:39.734
    30 51 AMR Larbre FISKEN Gregor ZACCHIA Steve FRANCHI Gregory Aston Martin DBR9 LMGT1 ==192== 1:34.664
    31 73 Alphand Aventures BLANCHEMAIN Jean-Luc DUMEZ Sebastien
    ANDRE Didier Corvette C5-R LMGT1 ==188== 1:34.750
    32 84 Chad Peninsula Panoz HARTSHORNE John McINERNEY Sean
    McINERNEY Michael Panoz Esperante GTLM LMGT2 4.836 1:43.093
    33 76 Imsa Performance NARAC Raymond LIETZ Richard Porsche 997 GT3 RSR LMGT2 ==184== 1:38.593
    34 92 Thierry Perrier HESNAULT Philippe SMITH Nigel BELTOISE Anthony Porsche 997 GT3 RSR LMGT2 ==173== 1:38.648
    35 20 Pierre Bruneau ROSTAN Marc BRUNEAU Pierre PULLAN Simon Pilbeam MP93 Judd LMP2 ==172== 1:31.093
    36 7 Team Peugeot Total GENE Marc MINASSIAN Nicolas Peugeot 908 HDi *** LMP1 ==168== 1:25.382
    37 83 GPC Sport DRUDI Luca ROSA Gabrio MOWLEM Johnny Ferrari F430 GT LMGT2 ==167== 1:39.703
    38 27 Horag Racing LIENHARD Fredy THEYS Didier VAN DE POELE Eric Lola B05/40 Judd LMP2 ==166== 1:30.367
    39 82 Team LNT DEAN Richard MILNER Tom Panoz Esperante GTLM LMGT2 ==154== 1:39.320
    40 10 Arena Motorsport JOHANSSON Stefan SHIMODA Hayanari Zytek 07S Zytek LMP1 ==125== 1:26.727
    41 12 Courage Competition FREI Alexander COCHET Jonathan BESSON Bruno Courage LC70 AER LMP1 ==124== 1:29.257
    42 14 Racing For Holland LAMMERS Jan HART David BLEEKEMOLEN Jeroen Dome S101.5 Judd LMP1 ==105== 1:29.930
    43 81 Team LNT KIMBER-SMITH Tom WATTS Danny Panoz Esperante GTLM LMGT2 ==84== 1:39.657
    44 45 Embassy Racing HUGHES Warren CUNNINGHAM Neil Radical SR9 Judd LMP2 ==22== 1:29.976
    45 31 Binnie Motorsports BINNIE Bill TIMPANY Allen BUNCOMBE Chris Lola B05/40 Zytek LMP2 17:23.007 1:29.992
    46 29 T2M Motorsport LONGECHAL Robin YAMAGISHI Yutaka Dome S101.5 Mader LMP2 25:36.281 1:36.765
  2. Holy shit, 2 whole seconds faster than any other car?
  3. That's not good.
  4. 2 seconds?
  5. They'll dominate just like Audi does in the ALMS.
  6. now thats a field of cars.
  7. a diverse field, with good results. This might be the series to watch this year.
  8. Too bad we can't watch it in America...
  9. Another close finish ?

    18 77 Felbermayr-Proton LIEB Marc POMPIDOU Xavier Porsche 997 GT3 RSR LMGT2 ==211== 1:38.656
    19 96 Virgo Motorsport BELL Robert SIMONSEN Allan Ferrari F430 GT LMGT2 ==210== 1:38.665
  10. That time represents each car's fastest lap in the race, not the gap between cars.

    The 211/210 represents that the Ferrari was 1 lap down on the Porsche
  11. ahhh shit.
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    no, those are the fastest laps during the race. The Nr.7 Peugeot was a little bit slower, and the Zytek LMP1 about a second slower. Just check further down the results (also in the non-classified cars).

    for a report and slide show..

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    Yes, I understood that.

    edit: but thanks anyway.
  14. The Peugeot 908 HDi looks eeffing hot.
  15. Except the headlights look terrible. They've got this incredibly sexy GTPesque racer and then they just threw some square headlights on there. It looks very much after thoughtish.
  16. Those headlights are very effective and increase visibility of the car enormously. The Peugeots need that because they are constantly overtaking backmarkers....(LMP1 is not a beauty contest, but they added some "chrome" whiskers above the lights this time...)
  17. The Zytek went out with a broken throttle cable (twice), not with engine problems.

    (Sorry to have to quote the whole post, but obviously this forum software is a bit primitive, so I cannot select the one line about the Zytek....)
  18. Things are not looking good for Pescarolo Sport winning Le Mans this year. Now with three Audis to contend with and two Peugeots.....it's a serious uphill climb for Henri. Still, I'd love to see them make it to the top step on the podium. By the way, I've noticed they're not even calling the Pescarolo a "C60-Hybrid" anymore. Now it's just called the "Pescarolo Judd". Doesn't it have anything in common with the Courage C60?
  19. No, they are not racing that car anymore. This year Pescarolo has an all new car, not associated with Courage in any way. It's the first car Pescarolo has done completely in house, which explains why they're not having terrific results yet, it's a brand new car.
  20. Oh. I thought they just updated the C60 chassis again to comply with 2007 regs (Double roll-bar and such). Have they assigned any sort of model name to it....like the Dome "S101.5" or something?

    By the way, the Peugoet 908/Diesel is not a very handsome car, especially from the side. Look at the cockpit too; it's really narrow and the windows look terrible. It does look good from some angles (like the front), but overall it's depressing.....and so are the headlights.
  21. The Pescarolo is simply named Chassis #001 etc.
    Two more Pescarolos are racing, the Rollcentre LMP1 and the Kruse Motorsports LMP2. Rollcentre came third in Valencia and was robbed of a certain second place by some wild-west driving of Stefan Mucke in the Charouz Lola...

    The works Pescarolos were slightly off the pace, certainly compared to the Zytek LMP1 and the Lolas.

    The cockpit of the Peugeot is not narrow. If other LMP1/2 cars would have a roof it would be of the same dimensions....you simply have to get used to it.
  22. Rollcentre came in 4th at Valencia, the Swiss Spirit Audi came in 3rd. Rollcentre had a late suspension failure if i remember correctly.

    And I read an interview with Mucke today saying there was not any contact between the two, so who knows. Perhaps he's just trying to protect his ego.
  23. the 908 would look far better in the livery Peugeot used when they won LM in the early 90s

    and this series is just as boring as ALMS for competition
  24. You can't be serious. I'm as huge an ALMS fan as anyone, but it's clear to see sports car racing is MUCH bigger in Europe than over here. And there were battles in every class at Valencia. Aside from the Pugs which will likely dominate, everyone else across all classes is fighting for position.
  25. Mucke is right that there was no contact with the Rollcentre car. Barbosa just backed off on time, but was forced to put two wheels in the grass towards the end of the straight.....when Mucke violently closed the door on him by moving away from the ideal racing line. Mucke did hit the Pescarolo of Dumas, which he was not even racing because it was several laps behind.

    Rollcentres suspension failure, although on the right side, could however been caused by the trip through the grass of the left wheels.

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