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Discussion in '2006 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Competition' started by mkygod, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Lemme get this straight: The owner has problems with the engine so he brings it back to Saleen. And someway or another, they decided the best thing to do was to boost up the turbo to make the engine produce 1000hp? Wouldn't that result in more engine problems?

    Seems as if that guy took advantage of the warranty and somehow got an engine upgrade out of it, heh.
  2. seems like that guy wanted a more exclusive car
  3. I am not sure were everyone thinks this is a 1000 hp car,it is not, it is 850 with the lemans aero package. Still stuipidly fast, and alot of down force
  4. I've never heard of engine problems with this car.
  5. But do you have pictures with a real 1000 hp Saleen?
  6. The 1000 hp looks the same, as it gets the Lemans Aero package
  7. Owners/pics/numbers I beseech you.
  8. that's probably the worst excuse i ever heard to increase horsepower. wanna know something? you can actually go to a saleen dealer and actually get 1000hp from your s7tt yourself. motor trend acknowledged a while back. this is not a one make model. the downside is who the hell cares? you're already going wicked fast and you won't need 1000hp that you can't control unlike the veyron.
  9. why cant you control it?
  10. Because he doesn't know how to modulate the gas/ use a manual/ drive without ABS and traction control.
  11. dont' make me laugh
  12. This car must be really fast.
  13. Maybe if it was made FWD with a VTEC engine it would be easier to control right? o_O
  14. the way i see it man, 1000hp > anythin less than 1000hp.....hence if u can get more power, y the hell not? anybody remember the 60's? and did anyone ever conside this site might have gotten its stats wrong? maybe 1000 hp version does MORE than the standard saleen s7? better acceleration maybe, higher top speed? crazy, no? seems to be like the site just copy-pasted the s7 twin turbo and just changed the power in the stats
  15. the 0-100 isnt quoted and thats almost certainly changed and all the in-gear times will have changed but there not given either.there the stats that have changed.
  16. welcome to supercars.net

    enjoy your stay
  17. Saleen probably rebuilt the entire engine for him, and then the owner decided that since his car was already in the shop, maybe the 1000hp power package was a good idea.
  18. sick looking car.
  19. Either way you or I look at it, albeit to say it looks this or that or even performs like this or that is one thing, but one things for shore we would absolutely love to say, "yes, after you're done rebuilding it could you put on the 1000hp package, too." But alas we can't, but regardless of all that, I love this machine in the way it performs and looks. It's America at it's best.......YEAH, BABY!!!
  20. I think they increased the boost cuz it was only at 5.5psi before. but the problem was oil starvation. the last one that was just sold by my house said that it had dry sump as a new feature.

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