Logical discussion: what is missing in this forum

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by ChevyRocks, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. OK, there's near a half-dozen threads in HERE that are non-stop bickering and pointless arguing. And here's how it happens:

    Step 1: Perfectly normal topic is made.

    Step 2: Normal discussion takes place for a few posts.

    Step 3: Somebody makes an idiotic statement.

    Step 4: Instead of simply ignoring the aformentioned statement, other people now try to argue against it.

    Step 5: Now you've got both sides arguing, and often, ignoring facts alltogether.

    Step 6: Moderator comes in (likely will be me) and deletes thread.

    Step 7: Repeat Step 1.

    Can we have actual discussions in here? I mean, if some dumbass comes in here and makes a dumbass statement, just ingore it. It's simple.
  2. wouldnt be as bad if it would let me go back to 50 posts per page... this 5 nonsense makes the page count on the threads just skyrocket. and yes it would be a good idea to toss the wankers
  3. So True, thats how dumb threads start, and so True Chevy Rocks!
  4. And heres a perfect exsample of that idoic remark!
  5. I got an example of Step 3. Look at what BuickGNXkills replyed. That is how arguements start.
  6. The problem with most of these threads going on right now is that it's not one person making an idiotic statement, it's the majority of the people replying to the threads.
  7. You're hilarious. Welcome to the indies.
  8. See someone saw what i saw!
  9. I did that post on purpose, and everybody just proved Chevy Rocks point, by not ignoring what every one said, I for one also think this is a trick thread, I mean, what are we gonna write as a response?? Its not a question, its a statement, so If one person makes a remark, all are gonna have different opinions, and there you go!
  10. you just proved step 4 and 5! so HA!
  11. Im not going to argue!
  12. You just proved you're 12 years old.
  13. This topic is intended to remind people to have real, intelligent discussions in here. If you want pointless arguing and shit like that, go to the General Chat forum. It happens there all the time.
  14. Ya it does, Ummm Im 12 + 8
  15. What is missing in this forum?? THis Thread, as well as.... I really dont know, because I would have started a thread about it, if I did.

  16. Disabling corollaracer's ability to make threads would go a long way toward stopping this problem.
  17. And banning three members that posted in this thread who I swear are the same person would do so much good
  18. I really wish Dan would make it so the mods could see a user's IP number again.
  19. I really wish Dan would try to get a few things fixed like letting you guys delete shit would be nice.

    Or can you now delete?
  20. We can delete threads, but if you still have the link to the thread you can get in and post in it. We also can't close threads officially.
  21. Gotta fix them bugs man
  22. No offense, but you guys are doing the same thing as everyone, by drifting off into another topic
  23. No we're not.
  24. You're supposed to ignore him.

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