LOL @ Peugeot

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by rabbitl1, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. They dominated the first 4 rounds of the LMS, easily beating Audi. Audi always hung around though, scoring 2nds and 3rds all year. Well today Peugeot crashed out early, and gave the championship to Audi! And possibly the funniest part was that the champions (Mike Rockenfeller & Alexander Premat) never even won a race this year.

    But Audi has won again due to reliability and consistency.

    Peugeot must be so devistated. The 24 Hours was theirs to win, and they choked and they had the LMS title basically sewed up and lost it.
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  3. THAT is a devastating blow to Peugeot. Makes me think the rivalry will heat up even more for Petit....
  4. Oh, yea, you know they'll be even more determined to beat ASNA on their "home" turf.

    Maybe this blow will even persuade them to stick around and do Laguna Seca too (Pleeeeeeeeeease!)
  5. typical audi, happy to see them win, wonder what next season will be like with hybrid peugeot?
  6. That's what happens when a class has only 2 competitive teams and a few races. The first team is in another universe in terms of speed and the other just waits that something happens to the cars in front and that's it. Incredible. I'm not even sure Audi themselves will call that a victory.
  7. I'm just pissed that Rockenfeller won because that guy is a douche!
  8. I've met Rocky several times, he's a super nice guy...
  9. Sure they will. Audi won the same way they've won MANY races/championships. They haven't always been the fastest, they've won by being bulletproof and not making mistakes. They did the same this year. Peugeot has outpaced them at every race, but Audi has always been there at the end whereas Peugeots had 3 DNFs.

    I personally would be really proud if I were an Audi guy as they had got solid finishes out from both cars at every race. Peugeot was fast, but that's about all they can say.
  10. F*CK Peugeot..
  11. Peugeot also won 4 out of 5 races. They didn't win the last race because both cars retired.

    All Audi did is to hope that something happens to one of the Peugeots.
  12. To finish first, first you must finish. Winning a few races doesn't matter if you throw the rest in the gutter while your opponent consistantly finishes well.
  13. A few? It's 80%.

    Audi has been incredibly lucky this year. Plus the fact that a 5 race championship is pretty stupid when the winning car only gets 2 championship points more than the second placed car.

    Audi had 1 win out of 5 races,0 poles,0 fastest laps and won 3 titles. For me,it's a sign that something is not right.
  14. I will say it's quite a flawed points system, especially considering it's only 5 races.

    The ALMS uses the same system, but has more than twice as many races, and twice the points per race (plus bonus points on 4+ hour events), so it works much better.

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