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  1. just lol... siriusly this is so stupid
  2. its not promising though
  3. looks like an amature at autocad designed it in a day.... it doesnt have to be this ugly to be aerodynamic....
  4. I like it.
    It makes me smile when I look at it,and the performance figures ^_^
  5. It looks awesome in a retarded kind of way...
  7. Looks almost familiar... like it was made out of paper... Hmmmmm
  8. na just retarded
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    a www.
  10. for me it looks awesome
  11. Maybe it will be a back window on it.???
  12. Maybe it will be a back window on it.???
    Only 400km/h. My moped do (35mph)55km/h.
  13. The Weber Clear Slider?
  14. It's ugly; that's a definite. The acceleration and top speed performance makes me drool, but who's to know how well it actually handles. Nonetheless, lets see what it's capable of before calling it awesome or crap.
  15. yeah dude, it dosen't matter if you have a rocket car, if you can't hold it on the you have no use for, unless you live in the middle of the bonneville salt flats
  16. classic styling but done wrong lol

    performance figures are SIKK tho
  17. The engine and bodywork reminds me of a NASCAR.... Anyone else see the resemblance?
  18. qiut a good car for speed but not looks i mean look at the radiator grill and air intake
    youd have to be stipid to say that looks good or beyond

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